You Got This!!

As we enter into 2022 I wanted to first take a moment to thank God for letting us make it this far. Through this awful pandemic, losses, victories, and valleys we have made it and I want to remind you that you will make it! 

I know at the start of every year we all have goals, desires, and hopes for the year ahead and we start the year off full of momentum and then it slowly starts to diminish (okay maybe that's just me, let me not speak for you!) but chile if I am being honest every year around mid-January there is no more steam left. For years I would become so frustrated with myself I would just start speaking negatively about what I was seeing and what I was not doing. I had to learn that the grace I give to others should also be given to myself. I had to understand that while it took me 365 days to develop an unhealthy habit or way of thinking it would take me just as long if not longer to reprogram my mind and regroup.

Honestly, it took having some serious and honest conversations with the people around me and with Christ, I had to be honest with my support system about where I was mentally, emotionally, and physically. I had to break down the walls of isolation that I kept building around me, see nobody was putting me in a box I was willingly walking into the box and taping it up repeatedly.  Through honest and open conversations with my support system and my therapist, I have been able to develop skills to help combat the need to walk into isolation and negative self-talk. 

Therapy has been kicking my butt I am confronting the little girl in me that needs healing and acceptance and the full-grown version of me who has to learn that standing up for herself is necessary. Whenever I feel the desire to run I have learned to say, "You got this!" and guess what? 

You got this as well.

You will overcome, you will succeed and you will prosper! I have so much hope for you and I know your future is bright, you just have to believe it! See yourself in your new job, in your new home, in a fulfilling and fruitful relationship, blossoming friendships, and amazing health! 

I am believing God for you. You Got This! 

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