Foster's 2.0: Year Two Recap (Newlywed Survival Guide Series-Part Two)

 I pray you all enjoyed part one of our year two recap, if you haven't had the chance to check it out you can click the link to catch up and then come right back to this post! Part One

Marriage is never one size fits all so what works for one couple may not work for you and you have to find what works for your home and for your life. There are tons of books, conferences, mentors, and counselors that can offer amazing advice or insight but at the end of the day, we must always direct our attention back to Christ and then to each other. 

Lesson Two: The importance of being a helpmeet 

 noun: helpmeet
  1. a helpful companion or partner, especially one's husband or wife 

    Growing up I had always heard the term helpmeet and that it was important to help your husband or spouse fulfill the purpose or mission God had for their life. Now again when it comes to marriage there is no manual there is no concrete step-by-step direction on how your marriage will look or how you will operate in your marriage. So prior to becoming married I ensured I surrounded myself with women filled with wisdom, love, and grace; I understood that I wasn't expecting them to answer every question I had but I knew they could provide me with a bit of clarity or advice when needed. For me personally, marriage is the greatest reflection of Christ's love for his church. 

    When Dontezz and I first started dating he was very serious and still is about writing out his goals for the year/month. He has tons of notebooks filled with his day-to-day tasks and things he wants to accomplish. When he would ask me, "What are some goals you want to achieve in life?" I would always say, "I just want to be a great wife and a good mom one day." And believe it or not, that is still my number one goal, I strive to be the best supporter, lover, and friend for my husband, and he in return shows up every day choosing to love me and cover me. 

    With that being said Dontezz has some amazing goals and plans for himself and so do I but I had to understand the importance of figuring out ways to help him achieve his goals. Right before we got married he had a lot of amazing things happening and I could see God opening doors for him and I remember saying, "When is it going to be me my turn? When will I have something special that I can show or create for others?" I was feeling left out, a bit jealous, and ultimately empty. See I hadn't found my "next" thing or so I thought but it wasn't until this year which makes two years of marriage that I found my "next" thing. 
    See writing a blog is amazing and therapeutic for me, hosting guests and sharing my heart on Candid Convos is exciting and uplifting for me but supporting my husband is what fuels me. Ensuring that others get to see the amazing kind-hearted and anointed vocalist that my husband is, gives me that extra push I need. For this season in our marriage, I have been called specifically to help my husband's ministry, vision, and dream. That doesn't mean my dreams or plans won't come to pass but right now he needs me. And while I am helping him shine Christ's light and his love God is favoring me and preparing me for my next. 

    I had to learn that I wasn't in competition with my husband. I was designed to help him and he in return was designed to help me. There are just some things in life he will not be able to accomplish without me and I will not be able to bust down some doors for Christ and shine his light without my husband. We are a packaged deal we need each other in every area, season, place, and space in life. I love being my husband's helpmeet I am loving watching God blow our socks off because of my husband's obedience to him. 

    Marriage is not for the weak, it takes strength and tenacity to show up every day and we are loving every bit of it! 


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