Foster's 2.0: Year Two Recap (Newlywed Survival Guide Series)


Wow! I can not believe it's been two years since my husband and I said, "I Do" in front of God, our family, and friends. Time flies when you are having fun and doing life with the person God has designed for you. 

In our first year of marriage, we endured the COVID-19 pandemic and like most people in the world, we really had a chance to slow down. We made some goals, assessed where we were individually and as a couple, and made plans to dominate the world! (just playing!)

In our second year of marriage, we were finally starting to see the light at the end of this horrible pandemic and we were coming out of it stronger than ever. We both learned a lot about each other and ourselves and we grew so much! So with all that said I want to give three lessons, we learned in our second year of marriage! But for today I will only be giving you one lesson and for the next two weeks, I will be continuing this series weekly with the help of my amazing husband! 

Lesson 1: I have your back! 

When I first met Dontezz we developed a wonderful friendship that blossomed into us being husband and wife, we have always been there for each other and wanted the best for the other person. But baby when I tell you the enemy was BUSY he was BUSY! Walking into marriage I had no idea how to be a wife, I've been surrounded by wonderful examples of love and commitment but I personally didn't know what in the world I was doing. But what I did know was that I was going to wake up every morning and be the best wife and person I could be for my spouse. We both made it perfectly clear in premarital counseling what our intentions or what marriage would look like. We both understood that our roles/dynamics of marriage would constantly change and evolve with each new season in life. But while we were yet planning, focusing, and building the enemy was trying his best to chip away at our foundation, it all came to a head in 2021 when we both had to put on our boxing gloves, stand with our backs to each other and fight satan and we fought hard! It wasn't easy, I personally had to find out what was working and what wasn't working. Fighting the enemy caused me to stretch beyond what I knew, what I had seen, and what I was taught. We had to remove the distraction, we had to take out the very thing that was causing discord in our marriage we had to attack the enemy! The most important lesson we learned was having each other's back, that come hell or high water we were going to fight for each other and for our marriage. It didn't matter if it was family, friends, or associates it was Dontezz and Trice against the world! In the words of the songwriter NE-YO, "I'm a movement by myself but I'm a force when we're together." 


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