Life Lessons: Chapter 31


    Chapter 30 was absolutely amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed the growth that took place, the soul searching I did and the time I was able to spend with my family.

As we are all aware COVID-19 came and rocked our world this year and literally caused us to stop, rethink, and really work on ourselves. During this pandemic, I celebrated my one-year wedding anniversary, welcomed my beautiful niece and nephew into the world, and got to experience first hand the stretching that was taking place in my faith and in my spiritual life.  Most of the time I feel the stretching or the change and either run or complain but this time it was different I tried my best to embrace it and worked through every emotion and or feelings that I had. 

I am thankful that God covered my family and me through this crazy year and I am honored to share with you my life lessons for Chapter 31. 

  1. Stop running away when things get hard, uncomfortable, or become an inconvenience for you
  2. If God has given you something or called you to do something know that he has equipped you with everything you need to execute the plan.
  3. Do not be ashamed to call people out on their ignorance or unwillingness to change and if they aren't receptive know that you did your part and it's okay to be free and to move on.
  4. Do not water down the dream God gave you so that you can fit into the mold of someone else's idea of what or who you should be
  5. Not everything or everyone can go with you to your next level or destination
  6. You can not help everyone, sometimes people have to endure the lesson on their own.
  7. Do not feel guilty for moving on and looking out for YOU
  8. You do not have to explain anything to anyone, if they don't get it or choose to support you then you keep moving 
  9. Celebrating others costs you nothing
  10. When the time is right God will ensure it will happen for you
  11. Do not be afraid to give 100% all the time, if no one else sees the effort you put in just know God is pleased
  12. Moving in silence is beneficial for your mental and physical well being
  13. Embrace the things that you do not like about yourself (your hubby loves you just the way you are)
  14. Let them go, do not beg anyone to stay in your life especially if they are not pouring into you
  15. You can and will experience God in a whole new way that will change the very core of who you are
  16. Once you find the thing that fuels your fire (your purpose) hold on to it! 
  17. Do not try to be like everyone else
  18. There is a path and a lane for everyone, what God has called you to is for YOU
  19. If it stifles your creativity, growth, relationships, physical and mental wellbeing then remove yourself.
  20. Family is forever, cherish them. Call more, text more, Facetime more
  21. Not eating meat for 21 days is not that bad!
  22. You are stronger than you think, your will power and your determination to get a task or to-do list done is amazing
  23. Being stubborn can also be your downfall
  24. Be careful what you pray for, you asked him for patience... and Welp.. you got tested!
  25. A quiet life is a happy life
  26. COVID 19 will bring you to a place of self-reflection, continue to practice, and live out the lessons you have learned this year
  27. Serving others in any capacity is what brings you joy
  28. Filling up your love tank doesn't and will not come from one source
  29. Always be searching for new ways to fuel the fire in you
  30. Do not expect others to use their flame (business, plans, ideas, dreams) to keep you warm. God after your dreams, goals, plans, and visions
  31. God is greater than the highs and the lows
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