Life Update: Chapter 30

Thirty.. A new decade. A new milestone. A new perspective!!

On February 25th I turned thirty years old and to be honest I was and still am super excited. I am entering a new phase in my life and I get a chance to view my life from a different angle. I get to really think and do the work necessary to ensure my newest chapter in life is off to a great start. 

While I thoroughly enjoyed my twenties I can see how certain decisions and lessons shaped me into who I am today, I met my husband in my twenties, got married at age 29 and finally started to let go of some toxic people and unhealthy habits. Oftentimes when we are in the thick of it we tend to revert to what we know or what we have seen modeled in front of us. But what happens when what we have seen or heard doesn’t “work” for us? Do we gather enough strength to forge our own path or do we stick with what we know? 

For me personally, I found that it was much easier to stick to what I know and the stubborn side of me was getting the best of me. But God has a way of humbling you and reminding you that YOU are here for a purpose and whether you like it or not its his way or the highway.  So after much hesitation I embarked on my new journey as a thirty year old with an open mind and heart. 

The first thing I did was I allowed my husband (well, I kind of sort of helped planned it because I love control) to throw me a 30th birthday party. And if you are anything like me there is nothing worse than showing up to an event you planned or helped with and there’s empty seats. Now that does not mean that people don’t love you or care for you but life happens, friends and family have responsibilities and things come up. (I had to learn that lesson) And this party was particularly special because it was the first event I had as a wife and a full time Raleigh resident. Since being home full time I have been able to create some amazing friendships and meet great people!

Okay, back to the party!! Saturday February 29th I showed up at my favorite restaurant surrounded by my family and closest friends. I had my childhood best friend fly in from Florida to help celebrate me (which was a complete surprise!!) and my mentor flew in from Chicago! I remember looking over at my father in love and saying, “Wow, people actually showed up. People do love me.” (Now before you judge me or suck your teeth just hear me out)

Growing up my friend circle felt big but in reality there was a lot of people around me because of who I was or what I could offer them. I had failed to form what I felt was genuine friendships and I will never forget the many car rides home with my Grandma and she would say “Trice, you only need a few good friends in life. You can not expect everyone to be a real friend.” And can you believe it took almost 10-15 years to truly grasp that concept? I know, I know.... 10-15 years? YUP!!! Sometimes we have to fall a few times and get our feelings hurt to truly stop in our tracks and listen.

Back to the party!!! We all laughed the entire night, my heart was so full. This was one of the main reasons I left the aviation industry, I wanted to create moments and memories just like that. Once the dinner ended my husband and I invited our family over to our home for dessert. All in all it was the best way to start off this new decade.

While I am still committed to doing the work necessary to be the best version of me that I can be, I am thankful for the chance to be able to truly celebrate ME!!! 


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