Life Lessons: Chapter 29

It gives me great pleasure to share with you my annual life lessons reflection piece. 
Chapter 28 was filled with amazing lessons, peaks and valleys. No matter what came my way I am so thankful God carried me through.

  • Listen with the intent to understand 
  • Nothing is handed to you
  • Being consistent speaks volumes 
  • You can not do & be everything for everybody 
  • Silence is golden 
  • You may not accomplish every goal you have set but keep trying 
  • Do not lower your standards for anybody 
  • Never give up 
  • It’s YOUR dream, it’s okay if others don’t see it the way you do
  • Chart your own course in life
  • People can change 
  • “When its meant to be it happens gracefully, there’s no force.” -Unknown
  • Never force someone to be something they are not
  • You will be let down by others
  • Forgiveness comes from within
  • Its okay to FEEL everything in the moment 
  • Your plan will not always work out & that’s ok 
  • You can start over
  • Guilt & shame has NO POWER over you 
  • Freedom feels good
  • Make an effort to do the work 
  • Healing starts within 
  • Laziness gets you nowhere 
  • In everything you do ensure you did your absolute best
  • Comfortability can stop you from progressing
  • God only made one YOU and no one else can bring what you bring to the table
  • When you show up ensure you walk with authority -James C. (dad)
  • Life is precious, enjoy every moment 
  • “It’s the small things” -Aunt Debbie 


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