Traveling 101: 2018 Summer Edition

With Summer quickly approaching I wanted to give you some updated tips & tricks to help you navigate your summer travels.  Here we go!

  1. Summer = thunderstorms!!! Lots of thunderstorms & lighting. Word of advice: Please be patient with your inflight crew & with mother nature (they want to get to their destination just like you!)
  2. Give yourself plenty of time in between connections (do NOT allow third party websites/ any website auto book your iternary. You have to give yourself a “grace period” for delays, mechanical issues, etc.)
  3. If there is a delay, take this time to update family/friends and to grab food
  4. Thunderstorms = turbulence which can make some travelers queasy (it’s completely normal just prepare yourself accordingly)
  5. Condensation is real & you may see a cloudy, smokey looking substance just flowing in the cabin (its the cold air fom the AC mixing with the warm air via outside/the jetbridge)
  6. Anything that you may need (medicine, chargers, laptop, etc) should be on your person or accessible when traveling. 
  7. Familarize yourself with any extensive traffic delays or TSA procedures before arriving to the airport (AKA!!! Give yourself plenty of time to check bags, clear security and grab food! Food is important lolPhoto Cred: Trice C

  8. Allergies affect everyone differently (be mindful when purchasing or bringing nut products onboard. Crew members are usually made aware of any LISTED allergies)
  9. If you have a nut allergy/ medical diagnosis that may require immediate attention please provide that information when booking your ticket/at the gate when you arrive at the airport  
  10. Babies are so special and wonderful! Parents it’s completely normal for your infant/child to be fussy or antsy (us adults know how to adjust! We don’t expect your infant/child to sit perfectly still for 2/ more hours)
  11. Always place car seat/booster seat at the window (its for your safety)
  12. Wear socks AND shoes (sandals are ok, just cover your feet) when entering and exiting the lavatory or restrooms (i think you can understand why) 
  13. Your crew is genuinely happy to have you onboard and we are usually caring for 200+ passengers at a time, so please be patient with us
  14. Balloons are wonderful and exciting but please ensure they are deflated before boarding the aircraft 
  15. Pack your essentials and at least one days worth of clothing in your carry on 
  16. Give yourself an extra day when traveling back home (delays, thunderstorms, mechanical issues)
  17. Your flight crew tends to work long hours without adequate breaks or downtime please be patient with us (our feet probably hurt lol)
  18. Familiarize yourself with your closest exits & restrooms
  19. Lower your window shade when you leave, helps keep the aircraft cool 
  20. Water is your best friend while traveling! Don’t become dehydrated!! 
I hope you enjoyed these tips & tricks! Have a wonderful summer and live it up! 


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