Lessons My Grandfather Taught Me

I wanted to take a moment to remember my wonderful grandfather and the amazing legacy he created. Growing up it was my Dad & My Grandfather those were the two men I looked up to, and as I grew older I began to understand the life lessons they taught me.
April 4,2010 God called my Grandfather home and although a piece of my heart still aches I am rejoicing in the fact that he is at peace and completely healed. In honor of his memory I wanted to share some lessons he taught me.

  • Whatever you do for God ensure that you give your best
  • Always be willing to help when needed 
  • Your actions say a lot about you 
  • Matain healthy and thriving relationships with your friends 
  • You are never too far from Christ
  • Even when you feel like you have done all that you can do, keep going
  • Listen more than you speak 
  • Give freely, not expecting anything in return
  • Let the LORD fight your battles
  • Be mindful of the words you speak (there’s power in your tongue)
  • God has a plan for your life
  • Don’t do it, if your hearts not in it
  • You can’t act a fool Monday-Saturday and expect to sing on Sunday morning 
  • Forgiveness is powerful 
  • Its not your job to judge or seek revenge 
  • Even if you can’t find the words to say, God will still hear you 
Through every up and down my Grandfather remained consistent, loving and compassionate. The way he lived his life was a testimony in itself. I never once heard him talk down about anyone or condem anyone. While his time here on earth was filled with joy, love and pain he continued to depend on Christ and shared the goodness of Christ every chance he could. 

To my Grandpa, my Pappy, my Pops thank you for living a life that spoke for itself even after you left this earth. 
Love, Trice  


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