Life Lessons: Chapter 28

In celebration of my 28th birthday I wanted to share with you some life lessons I learned this past year!

It gives me great pleasure to share my annual life lessons reflection piece with you all.

  1. Listen to your body (rest when needed)
  2. It’s ok to not be ok!
  3. Write your truth
  4. Own it (Don’t make excuses for your mistakes)
  5. Allow Christ to lead you 
  6. Never make a decision based off someone else’s views/opinions 
  7. People will always show their true colors, just give them time
  8. Silence is golden! 
  9. Be in the moment 
  10. Life doesn’t go according to plan 
  11. When you feel anxious, remember to breathe
  12. It’s ok to not know the answers (take the time to listen & learn)
  13. Removing yourself from a friendship/relationship is not a bad thing 
  14. Be bold, always show up with your head held high 
  15. Life is full of change & uncomfortable moments (Rise to the occasion)
  16. It’s okay to be uncomfortable if it leads to growth & development 
  17. Never question the path God has you on
  18. Your support system will always be there for you 
  19. There’s no place you can go where Christ cannot reach you
  20. You are never too old to make a change
  21. Drink lots of water & take your vitamins daily
  22. Never let anyone throw dirt on your dream
  23. If people don’t see your vision, its not your responsibility to drag them with you
  24. Carrying dead weight whether it be emotionally or mentally can be deadly and detrimental to your future
  25. Christ sees your HEART
  26. Always speak the truth in love 
  27. Healing takes time, give yourself the space and time to heal completely.  
  28. Live a life without limits 
A special thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my material, it truly means the world to me and I don't take it lightly. I promise to continue to give you quality, thought provoking piecs but most importantly I will continue to shine the light on Christ!
Cheers to new beginnings and a brand new chapter!! Hello 28 I've been waiting for you!


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