Is It Too Early?

1989-Trice C.
My father sent me a photo of my ultrasound the other day “dated 1989” and as you can see in this photo I was there but there was a lot of development that needed to take place. I made my grand entrance in February and the rest is history. I am one of the lucky babies who not only survived but I kept defying the odds.
I was reminded that in life we plan every detail of our lives but what about those unexpected things that happen in life? I’m sure almost twenty eight years ago my parents were not planning on welcoming me into the world so prematurely but they adjusted and they were focused.  I must admit I like to plan and even if I allow someone else to plan something for me I make sure they have a clear picture of what I want, I still want control without the responsibility.
When it comes to my dreams and my aspirations I don’t give myself a date to complete it because let’s be honest, life happens and dreams can be deferred. The plan I have for my life took a back seat once I accepted Christ. I still have hopes and dreams but I trust in the plan he has for my life. I can’t see every single twist and turn but I trust in his timing.
February 25, 1990 God showed not only my parents but every doctor and nurse that was over my case that he was in complete control. His timing is perfect, his timing is sure; I can always depend on him. I learned very early in life that in every season there will be good and bad days it’s just up to us to trust in the plan he has set before us.
When I first saw ultrasound I said, “Well that doesn’t look like much but that’s a gift.” Whatever you have in front of you may not look like much but it’s a gift, it’s a blessing, it’s apart of the plan.  It wasn’t up to me to figure out why I was born early I am here, I am healthy and I am gifted.
Photo Cred: Jenny Garrett Photography 
Every gift, dream, aspiration and plan you have for your life will come to pass in his time. You may have to make a move quicker than expected but if you just hold on, it will be worth it.  Never doubt the plan that God has for your life, seek him in the early stages of the plan and allow him to guide you. He will never leave you or lead you into a place that you weren’t graced for. I was graced for an early delivery. My mother was graced with the ability to deliver me, my father was graced with the task of praying for me and every doctor and nurse was graced with the knowledge and skill to care for me.
I went from a premature baby with a low chance of survival to a thriving young woman who is unashamed of her shortcomings, failures, victories and defeats.  It’s in the premature, unexpected moments in life that we learn to depend on God like never before.

Never doubt those rushed moments, those moments where you felt like you didn’t have enough time. The season you were and are in was predestined before you were ever born, stay the course and remember with God its never too early.


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