His Promise Still Stands

In a time where this country is in disarray I turn to Christ, I turn to him because fear insists on reminding me that I too could be next. Although my skin color doesn't define what Christ placed inside of me I get weary and honestly I'm tired.

In those moments of uncertainty and ultimately fear I still get on my knees and pray. I know that God loves each of us that showing his love and compassion is needed. He promised to never leave us and to always provide. I trust in the promise that he spoke over my life, I trust that he has a plan.

I see the chaos, the hatred, the tears from my bothers and sisters. I see the rising of young men and women regardless of race, background and tax bracket coming together to raise the standard. I see the marches, the flags and the banners. I hear the cries from mothers, wives, daughters, sons and grandparents as they watch history repeat itself. I feel the pain, I feel rejection, I feel the defeat, I feel the strength. I know the ending, I know the healer and I know my redeemer lives.

For every battle we face whether we win or lose he is right there with his arm outstretched. While we are waiting on the promise to manifest, he's preparing our hearts. For every tear and unspoken fear he is holding our hand and covering us. I trust that our momentary affliction can not be compared to the glory that shall be revealed. I trust in Christ, I believe in his word and I will continue to pray for our country.

My prayer for you:

I pray that God continues to cover you and give you the strength to endure. I pray that you walk boldly and know that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. May his peace surround you and may his love comfort you.


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