Celebration VS. Comparison

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy roots the bones.”-Proverbs 14:30 (NIV)
The other day I came across a post on Facebook and I immediately went into celebration mode for my friend. One thing I have learned growing up is that celebrating others is one of the greatest things you can do.
Now I have to admit I wasn’t always so quick to celebrate others due to my own selfish ambition and jealousy. I would question God and ask “Why them?” “Am I not doing the right thing?” The comparison trap set in very quickly, I was no longer focused on the celebration I was focused on my own insecurity and self-image. I kept thinking let me just “fake it till I make it.” In my mind I figured that if I celebrated them in public then one day I could genuinely celebrate them in private. When in reality Christ wants our heart to match our actions at all times, we are called to rise above and to be genuine. I needed a heart check and I needed to check my emotions. How could I be a follower of Christ but harbor envy and strife?
Being envious of others does nothing but cause you to wallow in the “what ifs” and the “why me” moments. When it comes time for me to celebrate others I do not have the time or the energy to figure out why they were blessed before me, it’s my job to cheer them on but to focus on the path that is set before me.  Christ never called me to figure out the plan he had for their life but to stay focused on the path he put in front of me. I wasn’t designed to map out the end result or to question him I was created to serve him and to share his love and compassion. It’s impossible to share his message of his love and compassion if I am harboring jealousy and envy.
This wasn’t a lesson I learned overnight, granted I dealt with this from the age of 12-19 and there are still moments where I have to fight the urge to be envious or judgmental.  I have to remind myself to stay focused on what God has planned for my life and this is not a competition, it’s a journey. It’s MY journey and although others may not support or celebrate every milestone or moment I will ensure that my heart is pure and my intentions are good.
Today’s Challenge:
1. Do a heart check whenever you feel envy or that bit of insecurity rise. 
2. Dig deep and find out why you are feeling this way.
3. Address your triggers  
4. Overcome every obstacle! 
“You cannot be bitter and envious and still expect God to favor you.” –Trice C.


Anonymous said…
I love the new blog ! Thanks for the encouragement not to focus on the comparison game. Doing my heart check !

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