Lessons my father taught me

In honor of Father's Day I wanted to share twenty seven life lessons that my father taught me growing up. I am so blessed to have a wonderful relationship with my dad and I am honored to share a few life lessons with you. It's been a great twenty seven years of fun,laughter and memories! Looking forward to twenty seven more years with my number one buddy!

  1. Always carry yourself with dignity 
  2. Don't look for people to validate you! KNOW WHO YOU ARE & WHOSE YOU ARE
  3. God has a plan for my life
  4. How to pick a watermelon & how to cut it! 
  5. His recipes are HIS recipes! (He doesn't share)
  6. He will make any and every sacrifice to be there for his children 
  7. Be honest
  8. Show compassion to EVERYONE 
  9. Nobody owes you anything 
  10. You can do it! Stay focused
  11. I can always depend on him for sound advice
  12. Be mindful of who is in your circle 
  13. As long as we have an understanding, thats what matters!
  14. You are the daughter of a king 
  15. You must ALWAYS reverence Gods house
  16. Develop a relationship with Christ
  17. You can always come home 
  18. You don't have to have life figured out you just need to have a plan! Take the step
  19. Christ is your SOURCE
  20. Pay your tithes
  21. Be faithful to the vision
  22. Friends come & go but FAMILY is forever 
  23. Your friends don't always have the answers 
  24. Growth is needed in every season of your life
  25. The importance of having a strong relationship with my father
  26. I didn't come with a manual, he did the best he could!! 
  27. If you fall, HE will always be there


One Sharp Mama said…
Your dad taught you some awesome stuff! My dad instilled his work ethic in me.
Clare said…
Such a sweet list!
Unknown said…
This is awesome! I love all of these, especially knowing who you are and not needing anyone to validate who you are!
Paula said…
Your father sounds like a wonderful man! What a lovely Fathers Day tribute to his influence on your life!
Asaake said…
This is so beautiful! Definitely life lessons that will stick with you forever! Your dad is a wise man!
Tricia said…
Your dad seems to be one great day ! Happy Father's Day to him and all dads out there :)
Morgan said…
This is so sweet! Your father sounds like a great man who wanted the best for his children.
Unknown said…
These are awesome tidbits. Your dad sounds like a very smart man!
Anonymous said…
Love this so much!! Some very valuable life lessons :)
Unknown said…
So lucky to have a good relationship with your father and to take away these great lessons. Not everyone has that same privilege so count it as a blessing.
KathaIsa said…
Very beautiful, thank you for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful Dad he is..��

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