“If we are faithless, He remains faithful (true to his word and his righteous character), for he cannot deny himself.” – 2 Timothy 2:13 (AMP) 

I have a lovely garden dish that was given to me as a gift about a year ago. I am proud of my little plant and I make an effort to ensure it gets enough water and sunlight. A few months ago I went away on a mini vacation and between the hustle of work, unpacking, laundry and repacking I forgot to check on it. I came home just a few days later and found my plant limp and dying.
My friend told me that she ensured it was getting enough sunlight during the day and it just seemed to be getting worse; she recommended that I repot it and that it might be outgrowing its pot. I began thinking that I knew what this plant needed and required and repotting it could potentially kill it. I thought back to earlier in the week how I rotated it away from the sun and forgot to water it. See my plant was leaning to one side and wasn’t getting equal amounts of sunlight. I figured rotating it would help my plant receive the correct amount
of sunlight and possible make it stand up straight and not lean towards the window.
Little did I know, but my garden dish taught me a very powerful lesson. Many times, in life we get so caught up with our routines that we fail to see that we have turned away from our source “Christ”. We figure that we can go a few days here and there and not read our word or pray, when in reality we need our source, our light, our savior to guide us. We start rotating from job to job, person to person, relationship to relationship looking for a fix, looking for something to fill the void. In my case from pot to pot trying to find a quick solution to a problem we could so easily fix by slowing down. We get advice from everyone else but fail to get on our knees; we don’t let Christ do the work inside of us we just keep moving.
We become unfaithful and then we begin to wonder why things are silent, or not moving on our behalf.  I struggle with this personally I continue to ask Christ for more of this and petition him for my wants when I never stopped to thank him for taking care of my needs. I am unfaithful but I am still worthy of his love and compassion and I am so thankful.  There were plenty of times I turned myself away from Christ, I turned away from the source and expected a quick fix when everything started falling apart around me.  I failed to water the seed that was placed inside of me and wanted to remove myself from situations when Christ wanted me to show his glory in those moments. Just like my garden dish I was yearning for water, I was longing for the right nutrient.  I was leaning in towards my source gaining everything I needed and somehow I became distracted and figured I could do it on my own. I felt like I could focus my time and energy on another area in my life and just let God handle the rest.
Being unfaithful can lead us down a path of uncertainty and lack of fulfillment. I had to make a conscious effort to return back to the source and to reevaluate where I was in life. I learned that for every moment I was unfaithful, too busy or just being lazy God was and will always be faithful and just towards me!
Stop, Rotate, Water and Wait!


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