Traveling on a Budget

With Spring Break just around the corner and summer approaching, I figured I should give you a gift! Traveling on a Budget 101!!! Below is some need to know facts and suggestions that can help make your traveling experience easier and hopefully cheaper.
1. The best days to travel in my opinion are Tuesdays through Thursdays , the commuters and business men and women have already made it to their destinations by then
2. Enroll in reward programs, whether it be hotel rewards or airline rewards, IT PAYS to have these memberships!
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3. Start shopping for your airlines tickets and hotel accommodations a few months prior to your vacation (check multiple travel websites and pick which one works for you)
4. Most traveling sites offer packages (flight, hotel and rental car) take advantage of those deals
5. DO NOT let the airline website auto book your itinerary. Give yourself at least an hour or two in between connecting flights (especially when traveling to big airports such as LGA (NY), JFK (NY), LAX (LA)..etc) You want to give yourself some extra time to factor in delays and walking to different terminals.
6. Download the airline app that you are traveling on! This comes in handy you can always check your connecting flight status and gate information even while flying! (oftentimes there is a map  of the airport available as well so you can know exactly which direction you need to go when you deplane the aircraft)
7. If you have a peanut allergy, needing wheelchair assistance or etc. please list it in the “special services or accommodations” section on the website when booking your ticket. This helps the flight crew and the airport personnel working the flight what to expect or prepare for
8. If you are traveling with an infant and you decide to purchase a seat and bring their carrier or car seat onboard please be prepared to have it checked or inspected (even by flight crew members) We are simply looking for a tag or marking that states “FAA approved”
9. When you are booking your flight and it stats “OPERATED BY….” It means that oftentimes you will be flying on a regional jet (don’t be alarmed these things fly fast!!!)
10. Always carry sanitizing wipes or gel and extra tissues!
11. Be prepared to hold your bottled drinks during taxi, takeoff and landing!  (FAA Requirement)
12. Laptops must be placed underneath the seat or in the overhead compartment until we are in the air
13. Know the difference between BOARDING time and DEPARTURE time! (we usually start the boarding process 30-35 mins prior to departure) Don’t get left behind because you wanted to grab a cup of coffee! We need you onboard!!!
14. Add a ribbon or a tag to help distinguish your carry-on or check baggage from the others. Also if you can try to fit everything in a carry-on bag (You could be saving some money not checking a bag)
15. Abide by TSA requirements and screening procedures (they are here to keep you safe and happy)
16. Finally if all else fails you can always marry a flight attendant, pilot, gate agent, ramper, baggage handler, etc) But just know that I AM STRAIGHT OUT OF BUDDY PASSES!!!!!!!! 


Unknown said…
I love all of these tips! I started using the airline apps and it was life changing :)
Brenda said…
This is a great post for someone like me who hasn't been on a plane in many years. Thanks for all the tips.
Tess Bridges said…
Thanks for sharing your tips on traveling on a budget. All great tips that I will keep in mind the next time I travel. We are expecting baby # 1, but hoping for our 5th anniversary to maybe go back to Cancun.

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