Life Lessons: *27*

In honor of my 27th Birthday I wanted to share some valuable life lessons that I have learned. While twenty seven years may not seem like much to you, I feel that in every stage and area of life there are lessons that we must learn.
1.You will make it! It’s just a season and no matter what it looks like there will be a brighter day
2.Relationships change and friendships will end
3.Remember to cherish the people in your life regardless of what season you are in, good or bad they are there to teach you, push you and challenge you
4.Embrace every struggle, fear and insecurity and knock it out!
5.Pray when you feel weak, strong, hopeless, lost, confused, and unloved. (PRAY MORE)
6.Take the leap!
7.Try new foods (Unless it makes your acid reflux flare up! Haha)
8.There will be people who don’t support you, just keep it moving
9.Make fewer announcements and more moves!
10. Family will forever and always be your backbone
11. Never just go with the flow, especially if you feel uncomfortable and called to another season in your life
12. God will never take you to a place that he hasn’t prepared you for
13. If you are in a season where you are uncomfortable and unsettled TRUST that God has a plan
14. Use your spare time wisely
15. Never be afraid to walk away from anything that God didn’t call you into (Yes! Oftentimes we place ourselves in situations and in relationships that weren’t ordained by God)
16. Be mindful of the company you keep
17. You are the only one who is responsible for your actions (NO EXCUSES)
18. You have something inside of you and it’s up to YOU to figure it out (Seek God)
19. Be honest and confront it (issues, situations, disappointments, failures) upfront
20. Walk away if needed!
21.Somethings just don’t need to be explained
22.Hurt people do hurt other people, just make sure you aren’t the one hurting other people
23.Don’t make excuses for your dysfunction or unwillingness to grow
24.You have to speak positive affirmations over yourself
25.God is your supply, your job is your resource
26.You are here for a reason
27.Every day may not be your BEST day, but even on your best day you still need God!


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