Reflect (Ladies Night at Elevation)

I walked into Reflect not knowing what to expect but willing to open my heart and receive what God had for me. Elevation continues to ignite a fire inside of me and remind me that this journey is worth it. Being in a room filled with women who are all seeking Christ brought me to tears.
Holly preached with such a passion and reminded us that everyone needs a "mirror moment"
I am grateful for my "mirror moment" I was able to come face to face with my fear of seeing who I truly was. I saw that I was unfaithful in many areas in my life & in my spiritual walk.
My "mirror moment" caused me to redirect my focus and make a conscious effort to make a change.
Here I was on my knees surrounded by beautiful women, simply seeking what God wanted to say to me. It was in that moment when I asked God to help me. I didn't know what else to say, I just needed his help. I made an altar right where I sat & came to the realization that even in my unfaithfulness God is and will always be faithful.

Thank you Holly Furtick for allowing Christ to lead you! Reflect 2016 was life changing


Accept the Call said…
I like the idea of a "mirror moment." We all definitely need to reflect on our walk with God on a regular basis. Great post!

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