My #1 Buddy 💛


There are so many things I could say about you. You have taught me so many lessons about life & how important it is to know WHO I am & WHOSE I am. Every since I can remember you have always been my number one buddy. We did everything together! From riding to church on Sundays to going to get donuts before the football games. I could always depend on you to not only offer me words of wisdom, but unconditional love. 
You never truly know how much of an impact your parents made until you are on your own out in the real world. And I am truly thankful for the life lessons, the long talks & the prayers you prayed over me. I am where I am today because of your prayers.
Thank you for being a man of your word & a man after Gods own heart. I could always depend on you, no matter where I am you are just a phone call away. Your ability to push me, inspires me to reach for the stars. You are constantly speaking life & encouraging me to grow. 

I love you Dad!

-Always & Forever 💛



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