One Year... 💛 (Thank you Elevation)

Who knew that one invite could change my life?  I am so grateful for my friends they were persistent and determined to get me to visit their church. I had heard about Elevation years prior but never really had the desire to check them out.
May 24th I walked into Elevation Gaston and the first thing I saw were all these people smiling and they seemed excited about being there. There were lots of hugs and that took me by surprise I wasn't use to this type of greeting but I felt something shift on the inside. The atmosphere was set and my heart was ready to receive, I was desperate for a new encounter from God.
A year ago today I was packing up my life & a part of me was scared of the new season. I mean here I was walking into the very thing I asked God for & everything inside of me wanted to turn around and run away. 
I was confused,excited,lonely,happy & sad all at the same time. I was trying to push down my emotions & be strong but that Sunday I was reminded that it was okay. God reminded me that not only was I special but that this moment was worth celebrating. I stepped out on faith & truly trusted in God. 
From that day til now I have seen a change in my life. My relationship has grown so much & instead of crumbling under the pressure I stand strong. 
I am thankful for my church & the wonderful example of our saviors unconditional love for us.  

We serve together, we grow together & we love each other. 
Every promise was fulfilled that day!! 




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