It Is Well

There is something about trusting in God. I mean fully trusting in him and knowing that no matter how this situation turns out I trust in you. I must admit there have been a few times when trusting in God was so hard but it was in those moments that I had to remember that he is my creator.
No matter how much I tried to control the situation or try to stop it, I was quickly reminded that in the end HIS perfect will overruled every scenario I could come up with.

So what does it actually mean when you say, "It Is Well"
To me it means that not only do I surrender to your perfect will for my life but that I believe your way is better than anything I could've imagined, hoped or dreamed. There are so many situations in life when things don't go as planned and while at the time I usually find myself complaining or upset I must remember that God has a plan for my life.
So maybe you didn't get that job you wanted but trust that he has something so amazing planned for your life.

Struggling with being single? Just think if you would've walked down that aisle to that man/woman how different your life would've been now. Would you have gotten to this point you are at right now? Would you have grown in Christ? Would your significant other be the one encouraging you to go after your dreams? Would you be dreaming of new ideas and coming up with amazing plans for your life?

Many times in the moment its hard to answer those questions but we have to face reality, we have to trust that in DUE season everything that is meant for us will come to pass. We can't rush God and often times things don't move at the pace we want them to but we must remember that God does not operate in OUR time. Christ has everything you need lined up for you!

Just take a moment and just imagine all the wonderful things he has planned for you, and because of your obedience and patience he will reward you. I know for me personally having complete trust and faith in Christ can be hard when you want things to happen overnight. Oftentimes I wasn't mature enough to handle what I was asking for, I wasn't ready spiritually or emotionally and it took time for me to realize that. 
When I think of all the job interviews I went on and didn't get, the times plans fell through with friends and relationships ended without valid reasons. In every circumstance he was using those moments to prepare me for now. Although every lesson I learned then I may not be able to apply it to this season that I am in right now but I can apply it to something down the road.
Every bit of rejection, pain or heartache prepared you for this moment. God strategically lined everything up for you.
So no matter what comes your way know that, "It Is Well."


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