Everybody Needs Somebody!

As we grow we go through stages & things start to change. From friends, to our outlook on life everything changes. Being an adult only brings about more changes and more transitions but one thing should remain constant. 
Your support system should always remain intact. 
No matter where you are in life you need somebody to hold your hand, to pray for you & to offer advice. Your support system is your lifeline in the darkest moments of your life. 

I am grateful for every person that has helped me mature into the woman I am today. Honestly without my support system I wouldn't be where I am today. Fear would've crippled me & life would've knocked me down but when you are surrounded by positive and loving people life has a way of becoming a learning process. 
As an adult you learn the importance of having a few good friends. You no longer have to second guess who to call in a crisis because you know no matter what time of the night or where you are someone will always pick up. 
One lesson I learned growing up is that your support system is not there to pacify your wrong but to push you towards greatness

During my teenage years I thought I had it all figured out, that was until my world came crashing down at my feet. It got to the point where I could only depend on my family & my mentors. I was angry & confused, I couldn't understand why everyone had left me to deal with my brokenness. That was until Jesus reminded me of the treasures he had placed in my life. My support system picked me up when I had nothing left to give & for that I will forever grateful.

Everybody Needs Somebody 💛  


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