Dear Momma,

I am thankful for every sacrifice that you made, when I look in the mirror I see parts of you and I wouldn’t trade these features for anything. I understood at an early age that you were my mother not my best friend, I could always depend on you to love me and you boy did you love me! 

Growing up there wasn’t a night were I didn’t stop and thank God for sending me you. I watched how you loved others so selflessly and you gave of yourself time after time. You showed me how to be a young lady and held my hand while I matured into a young woman.  I will never forget that night you sat in my room with me for hours while I cried because my middle school crush didn’t like me, I felt like something was wrong with me and with just a few words you lifted my spirit. I could always depend on you it didn’t matter the time of day or where I was if I called, you answered.

You sacrificed so much for us and for that I will forever be grateful, the older I got the more I realized how much you gave. I am beginning to understand that in order to put your children first you had to make sacrifices, you still fought for your dreams and you go confidently in the direction that makes you happy. The biggest lesson I have learned from you is the importance of walking in forgiveness and loving those who love you, you embody what unconditional love looks like. You cheered me on when I felt defeated and you encouraged me when I felt like giving up. 

Now as I look back on the twenty six years we have spent together I just want to say thank you. I understand the importance of having a healthy relationship with your mother. Thank you for not trying to be my best friend but for nurturing me and loving me just as I am.  Many times you held pieces of my broken heart and I know there were times when you just wanted to fix everything for me and I thank you for giving me the space and the time to piece myself back together.  I pray that one day my future children get to experience the love that you have given me. Momma, you mean the world to me and I finally get it!

Life is more than pleasing others but ensuring that you are happy. Because of you I carry a sense of security and confidence. I belong in this world not because I owe anyone anything but simply because God saw fit to give me a mother like you.

I pray every promise is fulfilled. 

“Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.”

‭‭Joshua‬ ‭21:45‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Thank you for being my mother first


To every woman that has made an impact on my life, I want to say thank you! To my lovely grandmothers thank you for praying for me! I am standing here because of the prayers you prayed so many years ago. Your love,advice & words of wisdom will never be forgotten. I love you both so much & I pray God blesses you beyond your wildest dreams.




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