I Love You...

I will never forget the moments we shared. You were such a wonderful husband,father & grandfather. I will never forget that ride into the country with that dog or our early morning Hardee runs! You always ordered the sausage and gravy biscuits with unsweet tea & even though I didn't like it I sat there and ate with you. Our rides home from church were my favorite moments, after you poured out to your congregation it was my chance to ensure you got home safely. You never judged me you just loved me through it. You were always there to support me & you corrected me when I was wrong. I will never forget the time you let me drive from Eden all the way back to your house it was dark outside and I was really upset and you managed to not only to calm me down but you spoke life to me. Once I went off to college we didn't keep in touch as much but you always had just enough strength to pray me out of those dark moments. There were plenty of times I couldn't put into words how I was feeling and you just started praying. We cried together and we shared some very special moments.I could always depend on you to pray for me and you could always depend on me for a song. You saved me from Uncle Franks dog and you made sure Bo Bo was nice to me (he was my favorite)
I will never forget the last conversation we had face to face, I was sitting on the edge of your bed holding your hand and you asked me to sing for you. You were so weak and you spoke over my life, your words still ring true. I watched you love others when they could care less, you carried yourself with such dignity and you loved all of us with an unconditional love. I  miss chasing you around the house and hearing you laugh at us from behind the bedroom door. I miss seeing you vacuuming the house before church on Sunday morning. I miss our car rides to the dump we wore that Kirk Franklin cassette out. I miss coming into your room and leaning back in your recliner and watching the westerns with you. I will never forget the first time you heard me on a CD you were so excited and played it every chance you got. You listened to me and you deposited wisdom every chance you got. 
Life has changed drastically since you left. I knew when Dad received the phone call life would never be the same. Tears still fill my eyes when I think of the missing piece in my heart but God has a way of reminding me of all the seeds you planted. I don't dream about you anymore and sometimes that makes me sad but I still ask God to let you visit me. Papa I have grown so much and I wish you were here to see the progress. I have made some mistakes and some of the decisions I have made weren't honoring God but I never strayed to far from him. I have forgiven those who have hurt me and I have learned to rise above the attacks of the enemy. 
I ask that you continue to watch over our family.  I am flying all over the country being up there is the closest I can get to being near you. Its always so beautiful and the sun is always shining on my face (kisses from you)
I love you and I thank you for being who God created you to be.
Until We Meet Again,
Love Trice



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