Creating Space for Him

One of the most important life lessons I learned growing up was to always make time for Christ. It didn't matter if it was five minutes or five hours making time for him was imperative. Life has a funny way of being chaotic and filled with to do lists and before you know it days have gone by and you only had enough time to get on your knees before bed. 
That was me for years I kept reminding myself to set aside a certain amount of time everyday to spend with Christ. I knew my relationship with him was greatly tied into the amount of time I spent on my knees. So I finally cameup with a plan, every night before bed I had to read my devotional and I had to pray. As the months rolled by I began to create an actual space for my devotional time, my closet became my "War Room"
Every night I go in my closet and pull out my journal there I jot down my notes from my devotional any scriptures of encouragement and my main points of focus.
-I am thankful for:
-Help Me:
-Prayer Requests:
-Tomorrow's Focus/Goals: 
-Tomorrow's Word of the Day:  
Breaking it down like this requires me to really think and write down exactly whats on my heart. Even with my hectic work schedule I realized that I am not able to take my "closet" with me but I can take my notebook or tablet. I realized that if I really wanted to grow in my relationship with Christ I needed to put forth the effort. I couldn't be inconsistent or lazy with it.
I needed to put my all into it. I needed to create a space for him in my life and in my heart. 


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