Are you leaving a legacy?

Devotional Scripture: Judges 2:6-12

In Judges chapter two we begin to see disobedience from the children of Israel. In verse one God begins to remind them of his covenant and asks them, "why have ye done this?" (verse 2)
God instructed the children of Israel to tear down the altars in Bochim but they disobeyed him. The children of Israel having seen their wrong began to weep and make sacrifices unto God (verses 4&5). The children of Israel went "to take possession of the land, each to their own inheritance" (verse 6) and they began to serve the Lord. After Joshua died they buried him in his land of inheritance, the next generation that arose after "knew neither the Lord nor what he had done for Israel" (verse 11).
Can you imagine leaving this world having gained the promises of God, experienced his all mighty power and your children and the generations to come know NOTHING about the God you served?
The God who never broke his promise and snatched you out of the enemies hand.
Everyone should have access to this amazing, loving and sovereign God! But if your legacy or testimony doesn't show who God is and has been in your life then the next generation will be lost. I can only imagine the burden Joshua must have experienced when he realized that the people he was leading disobeyed God. Joshua "servant of the Lord" (verse 8) had did his part, he released the people of Israel and they went and served the Lord. The children of Israel knew God first hand, they had seen him bring them out of Egypt, they knew his power but yet the generations to follow knew nothing of this God, The worshiped Baal and Ashtaroth (verse 13 KJV)

Take A Moment:

Now after all God has done for you would the generations to come after you know about the God you served? Your legacy is more than just your occupation, economic status or your family dynamic its about your salvation  and your relationship with Christ. I encourage you to look at your life and decided what do you want your legacy to be. For me the answer is simple,"my legacy will show the powerful, loving  and forgiving God I had the honor of serving. My legacy will be a testimony of having a true and firm relationship with Christ. And while things weren't always perfect with God by my side I still won!"

This Is My Legacy.....


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