Dear Little One...

You are more than enough. You will get bullied in elementary school but don't worry your Daddy has your back. You will fall and make mistakes but in the end you learn from them. You will see that the world is a cruel place and not everyone appreciates the love that you give but in return you learn to love people past the hurt. You will overcome those little moments of anxiety and God will use those moments to help others. You will learn the value of knowing your worth at an early age. You will endure heartache, loss, disappointment & you will lose some of the closest people to you but you will overcome. Those moments ofloneliness  only bring you closer to Christ and it's there where you discover a few of those unique gifts he has given you.
You will go to college but ultimately follow  your heart and pursue an education degree! You will fall in love and get your heartbroken but that first real heartache pulls something so wonderful out of you. You will make a list of things you want to do and you will start crossing things off that list faster than you expected. You will learn the importance of seeing the world & experiencing different cultures and food. You will love harder. You will become stronger. You are a surivor!
Dear Little One... You can make it! 

Love, Trice 💞



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