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Life Lessons: Chapter 31

      Chapter 30 was absolutely amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed the growth that took place, the soul searching I did and the time I was able to spend with my family. As we are all aware COVID-19 came and rocked our world this year and literally caused us to stop, rethink, and really work on ourselves.  During this pandemic, I celebrated my one-year wedding anniversary, welcomed my beautiful niece and nephew into the world, and got to experience first hand the stretching that was taking place in my faith and in my spiritual life.  Most of the time I feel the stretching or the change and either run or complain but this time it was different I tried my best to embrace it and worked through every emotion and or feelings that I had.  I am thankful that God covered my family and me through this crazy year and I am honored to share with you my life lessons for Chapter 31.  Stop running away when things get hard, uncomfortable, or become an inconvenience for you If God has given you something or

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