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COVID-19, Anxiety and Depression

I did my best.
I tried.
I tried to eliminate the triggers in my daily life (excessive news watching, reading news stories, clicking on unnecessary posts. Etc)
I have tried my very best to remain positive, upbeat and uplifting for others but COVID is a beast.

Before I knew it my anxiety and depression was at an all time high, I can vividly remember running dangerously low on toilet paper and searching endlessly for it. I began noticing how everyone was rushing through the grocery aisles buying everything they could and not caring for the person standing next to them. It was the biggest eye opener for me and it didn’t feel good. I felt lost, in the middle of Wegman’s there’s was this feeling of defeat, loss and utter disaster. I watched as two GROWN adults argued over who was in line first and one they went back and forth for at least ten minutes.

As a black woman I stood there astonished and utterly mortified, I knew I shouldn’t say anything because “if it has nothing to do with you..…

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