Comparison Kills

I can vividly remember not even wanting to click the “post” button on my first blog piece. Why? Well because there was this little voice in the back of my mind reminding me that I don’t have what it takes.  Yes, I was good at putting words on paper and making things sound good but did actually believe the words I was writing?
I didn’t feel adequate enough, smart enough or vulnerable enough to start a blog but I did it. I knew that I wasn’t doing it for the likes or comments but because my story mattered and I wanted to share it. I wasn’t expecting my blog to blow up overnight and to receive sponsorships from different companies, because I knew the content of the material that I was writing wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  I knew that writing about my personal journey, my failures, heartache and ultimately my fears was in a way giving complete strangers the ammunition needed to tear me down. I just wanted to be honest and to share what God had given me so that’s what I did.
The comparison trap started with the small things such as my social media presence did I create a separate page for my blog or did I want to run everything from my personal page. If I split the two would the absence from my personal accounts cause me to lose followers?
Do I write once a week or every other week? Do I create a schedule? Do I have time to complete my to-do list before a post goes live? Am I engaging enough? Will my readers respond?  Never once did I stop and think of this amazing gift God had given me. The gift to write the very thing the enemy tried to keep me silent about, the ability to share and to no longer hide behind other peoples “perception” of me.  But with every bit of courage and excitement came a load of comparison.
I began to compare my blog to other blogs and bloggers; I needed a niche “something that accurately describes what I write about” and once I found my niche I needed to connect with other people.  I even thought about just shutting it down and starting a blog the following year but God kept tugging at my heart.  I came up with excuses and reasons as to why I wasn’t going to be able to blog consistently and all God wanted me to do was to be faithful with the time I spent writing. I had to be discipline enough to stick with the plan God has set before me and to embrace every opportunity that came my way. I had to learn to trust that I was not only worthy of the gift God gave me but blessed to have the opportunity to freely share what was on my heart.  Comparison can and will kill the very thing you fought so hard to achieve if you let it. You have to be discipline, faithful and willing to admit that you can’t do this alone. Develop a strong support system and focus on your journey! 

Thank You Project: Mother's Day 2017

Introducing Guest Blogger: Samantha Sali 
Samantha is a writer, image-bearer, and Jesus-seeker. She is passionate about the Word, human trafficking, fair trade, and crocheting. She lives in the midwest with her husband & son. You can follow her on Instagram or check out her blog.

I am the child of a teen mom. My mother was 17 when she gave birth to me & while she is a great mother now, she had a lot of growing up to do at the time. She wanted the best for me, even when she was into the drug/party scene, so she put me in good hands. For the first five years of my life, I spent most of my time at the family home of her best friend, Robin.
Robin, whom I coined, "Auntie RaRa" was the big sister I never had. My first best friend. The Lorelai to my Rory. The Ethel to my Lucy. The Jerry to my George. The Elizabeth to my Jane. Through her actions, she was one of the first to make sure I knew I could do or be whomever I wanted. She filled my life with love, indescribable kindness, and was unflagging in her efforts to be a wonderful role model for me.
Her qualities are of abundance - she’s the hardest working person I’ve ever known, her thriftiness unparalleled, and her kind demeanor is something to strive for. But the quality of which I admire her most for is how she goes the extra mile for every living thing. She has opened her home to me - letting me stay whenever needed. She has bent over backwards to make sure that I was fed, clothed, loved, and has assisted in helping me move on more than one occasion. She was one of very few people I could rely on in my life. I knew that if I ever had a problem, big or small, she would answer my call and have my back.
And it wasn't only me who has been blessed by her kindness. She cared for her father during his battle with cancer - driving him to appointments and opening her home to him. When her mother's finances were tight, she cleared out her spare bedroom. She coordinated an Air Ambulance to bring her supervisor's brother home, someone who received a life-threatening head injury during a trip to Ireland. And of course, there are several stories of her stopping to guide lost wildlife (such as ducks, turtles, and bunnies) back to safety. She has a huge heart and goes above and beyond every single day.
If Robin hadn’t entered my life, it would be void of a genuine being - She might think that I never listen to what she says, but the truth is, I live by her words every day. All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe in part to Robin. And while Mother’s Day is a nod to all the fantastic mothers out there, don’t forget to acknowledge the other women in your life - the women that have positively impacted your life in some way.