I’m tired of explaining myself

1.Make good grades in school
2.Graduate from high school
3.Attend a two or four year college
4.Get a degree and work in your degree field
5.Get married
6.Start a family
7.Get a white picket fence

This is the typical "American Dream" and this is what so many Americans try to achieve everyday. But the thing I love about us is that we chart our own path, we make mistakes, we fall and ultimately we complete our to-do list in the order we want to.

I followed the to-do list almost to the tee, minus the marriage and family part. I did get good grades in school, I attended a two year college and I received a degree. But in doing all of that I discovered that there was a lack of fulfillment and a lack of direction. Here I was a young woman fresh out of college, working and realizing that this isn't what I thought it was going to be. I wasn't satisfied and I was looking for a way out.

Escaping was my way of coping and I tried anything and everything to escape the reality that was in front of me, I began applying for jobs that I wasn't qualified for and started trying to find the quickest exit plan.
I considered joining the military but that plan was quickly derailed when I reached the recruiters office. I wanted the benefits and the long term job security but I wasn't willing to put the work in.

Lets be honest, how many times do we show up to a season in our lives unequipped and unwilling to do the necessary work to grow and develop? I know for me that was a cycle I was stuck in for a few years, I was showing up to new opportunities/seasons in life unwilling to work on ME and unwilling to work on developing in different areas. I was just showing up and I kept showing up and I continued to deal with the same mess but in different areas of my life.

I was just doing what I needed to do to get by, and ultimately I was just tired of explaining myself to MYSELF. I was tired of making excuses for why I took the easy way out when it came to my long term education goals and why I was so quick to run from one uncomfortable situation to another. I was so good at helping others with their mess that I failed to clean up mine.
I was just marking things off my TO DO list and in reality I was letting precious moments just fly by. Now looking back on my late teen and early twenties I realized that the growth that needed to take place then is taking place now. I am learning that I will get around to completing my OWN  version of my TO DO list in HIS timing.

I say all of this to remind you that although your life doesnt look like the vision or dream you had for yourself, know that you have the power and the ability to change it. It will take time, it will be a struggle but it will be worth it. We are all just trying to meet Jesus one day and our paths may be different but if we stay focused, live a righteous life and keep God first we will all end up in the same place, right at his feet.
God isn't impressed by how much you completed on your to do list he is concerned about your heart, how you treated others, how you passed the tests that were sent your way, he looks at the time you spent here on earth differently than anyone else can.

Stay focused on the path in front of you, and remember you dont have to keep explaining yourself.
He is proud of you!

2017 Q&A

I realized that after almost two years of blogging I have never done a Q&A.  And lets be completely honest Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away from Murder is almost done so its time to drop some new material. Haha!
So I definitely want to take a moment to thank you for clicking on this post and for taking the time to visit my blog. The Journey by Trice is my little baby and it’s my way of sharing the highs and lows in my life with the world.

As we enter into the holiday season I wanted to share some fun facts about me and answer a few questions that may not have been answered in my previous blog posts.
1. Where do I live?
I currently reside in North Carolina and New York; I work in New York and fly home on my days off. It can be pretty hectic but I am managing and I am growing daily.
2. What do I like most about New York?
I love having food delivered to the apartment and before you go there it’s not just your regular delivery service. I have a favorite diner that I love to go to, I sit with the elderly customers and enjoy breakfast at 8pm or a BLT at 10am. I just live my life and I just eat whatever my little heart desires (I walk the calories off by the end of the day.) With the weather changing I don’t feel like throwing on the layers of clothing so I simply log on and put my order in and 30 minutes later (sometimes less) there’s my food!
3. What TV shows am I currently watching?
Well I just finished binge watching “Greenleaf” on Netflix, I love anything and everything by Shondra Rhimes (she is my spirit animal when it comes to writing)
I also just started catching up on “Queen Sugar” on OWN (I am super behind)
I finished watching Quantico a few weeks ago and boy that kept me on the edge of my seat for weeks
I still have to catch up on “Power” so yeah, I’m pretty much all over the place when it comes to watching television.
4. What album/artist am I currently listening to?
First let me start off by saying this has been an amazing year for music and the entertainment industry as a whole. My ears are very pleased and I love discovering new artists and catching up with a few of my favs
- PJ Morton “Gumbo” Album
- The Walls Group “The Other Side” Album
- Sam Smith “The Thrill of It All” Album
- Lawrence Flowers and Intercession “Champion” Album (I love “Hey ,Hey God” featuring Josiah Martin)
- Chantae Mann “Craters” Single featuring PJ Morton
- Daniel Ceasar “Freudian” Album
- KB “Today We Rebel” Album
- Elevation Worship “Acoustic Sessions” Album
- Joistarr “Nothing Even Matters” featuring PJ Morton
- Eminem “Walk on Water” featuring Queen Bey
(And the list goes on!!!)
5. What is my favorite holiday tradition?
When I was little we use to play “A Christmas Story” all day long starting Christmas Eve into Christmas Day (it was and still is my favorite memory I have with my older sister)
Gathering at my Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve to open gifts at midnight! Oh and I can’t forget about the food! (It was and still is amazing)
Loading up the car around 2/3am and heading home with my immediate family, it was such a quiet car ride home.  (I was always so excited to go home and to go to bed so I could wake up and open gifts from my parents and siblings)
Drinking egg nog with my father!
6. My favorite late night snack/craving?
I have a very healthy/unhealthy addiction to ice cream (I get it delivered to me in New York lol) and chocolate chip cookies with a side of Almond Milk while watching all my TGIT shows!
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE  hot tea! I am slowly becoming a coffee drinker but for now I will stick to my tea!
7. What have I learned in 2017?
I have learned that it’s okay to feel hurt, and it’s okay to forgive. I learned to give myself time to process every emotion and not run from the fear of the unknown. I learned to depend on God and to trust every plan he has set before me. I have learned that the decisions I make will and can affect me for the years to come
8. What has been your favorite memory of 2017?
The night before my niece made her grand entrance my entire family was together and we were just having an amazing time and enjoying each other.  Being able to hold my niece for the first time after she was born still brings tears to my eyes, she is the “Sunshine of my Life” and she is definitely Auntie’s favorite (don’t worry she’s the only one so she can be my favorite!)
9. What do I want outsiders to know about me?
I do not have all the answers and I have no problem asking for help. I am growing and evolving daily and this life is a blessing. I am actively seeking out my purpose in life and I am determined to win! I pray that you see and hear God in your daily lives and whenever you feel discouraged just know you aren’t the only one going through. Just because I don’t share every single detail of my life doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. “A private life, is a happy life” (that’s my personal opinion. It works for me!)
10. What am I looking forward to for 2018?
Being able to watch my precious niece grow and develop. I am so excited to show her all the wonderful things in life and watching cartoons with her on Saturday mornings. I look forward to all the wonderful changes and the growth that will take place next year. I am excited about achieving my dreams and making the necessary steps to set myself up for a better future.

Spotlight Feature: Crystal Ngumezi and The Proverbs 31 Women's Organization

I am honored to shed the spotlight on Ms. Crystal and The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization. Crystal and her amazing company are impact young women in their community and around the world. We linked up for a virtual interview and I am so excited to share her journey with you all. 

Biography: My name is Crystal Ngumezi, I am the CEO & Founder of The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization. I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at San Antonio, and have worked in engineering and management for companies such as Hope Personal Assistance Services, Union Pacific, Pratt & Whitney, and Dow Chemical Company. I started The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization because I felt there was a need for an organization that supplied underserved young women with proper mentors to help lead and guide them through life.
I have a passion to serve, inspire and teach young women, as well as individuals looking to start their own nonprofit organizations. You can learn more about me and what I do through my website at www.crystalngumezi.com
1. When was The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization founded?
The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization was founded on December 19, 2016 in Austin, TX.
2. Is there a meaning behind "The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization”?
There is a personal meaning behind The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization. My experience as a minority woman, coming from an underserved community and advancing to a career in mechanical engineering, sparked an idea to create an organization that would offer underserved young women equal opportunity to pursue professional careers. I thought to myself, “What if disadvantaged young women could receive free mentorship and professional etiquette training that would help them through school, encourage them to pursue college, and inspire them to pursue professional careers?” It is because of this question, that the vision for The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization was birthed. God gave the name of the organization to me, to create an organization that would raise up young women in the image of The Proverbs 31 Woman. Someone who is wise, articulate, business savvy and well respected within her community.

The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides free mentorship and professional etiquette training classes to disadvantaged middle school and high school female students in the state of Texas. Our mission and purpose as an organization is to motivate, inspire and teach young girls, edifying the youth with enrichment programs through free mentorship and professional etiquette training. We are committed to serving our underserved communities, one girl at a time.

3. What do you want your customers to know when they are buying items from your online store?
When customers but items from www.p31womenstore.org 100% of all proceeds go to The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization to provide free mentorship and professional etiquette training to underserved young girls. Our customers become partners with us on our mission to change the lives of young women!
4. What is your favorite piece of clothing in your online store? My favorite piece of clothing from our collection is our original P31 t-shirt, with our logo on the front and our full name on the back. This was the first original piece I created for the organization, and it holds a special place in my heart. It is also our #1 best seller.

5. What has been your biggest highlight or monumental moment since you started The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization?
My biggest highlight to date with the organization was having the opportunity to expand to the Houston, TX market to partner with the Houston Texans Teen Club of The Boys & Girls Club of Houston. I am a huge supporter of The Boys & Girls Club, and it was a great honor partnering with them this year.
6. How does The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization impact your community?
The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization impacts the community by providing free enrichment programs to underserved young girls, pairing them with mentors to help them succeed through middle school and high school, and setting them up for future success through our professional etiquette training program.
Students from our program experienced a boost in self-confidence, more experience with presenting and speaking in front of people, a better understanding of what it takes to excel in high school and college, and more information on interview preparedness and how to dress professionally. Our students also participated in community service events and team building exercises with fellow mentors and volunteers of the organization, which taught them about the importance of giving back and working together as a team.
7. How can others become involved with The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization that are not living locally?
Individuals looking to get involved with the organization who do not live in our current servicing cities (Austin, Houston) can partner with us through donation giving on our website www.p31women.org or through our Store Site. We are able to provide our free services to underserved young girls through the contributions we receive through our community partners. By donating to our organization, we are able to expand to other cities looking to have our organization service in their area! Individuals can also join our email list by visiting our website and signing up to become a volunteer, as well as by liking our Facebook page @P31WomenOrg (Facebook ) to help us spread our online reach.
8. How can others stay in contact with you? 
We can be reached through our Email, as well as through our social media handles @p31womenorg on Instagram and Facebook (Facebook).
Our website is www.p31women.org
Crystal Ngumezi, CEO & Founder of The Proverbs 31 Women’s Organization

Tainted Spaces

I struggle with the memories. I find myself picking up the phone attempting to dial your number. I have this constant loop going through my mind, a reminder of us.

This was my mindset almost six years ago; I was struggling with letting go. Everywhere I went there was a tainted space, a place where we created memories.
I think one of the hardest lessons in life is giving yourself the permission to be free and to walk in your freedom. Your mind is still trying to process the heartbreak and your heart is just trying to function. You are stuck between being present and not wanting to be bothered.
I remember the first few days after my break up, there was a lot of ice cream and a bunch of crying. I didn’t want to go anywhere, I didn’t want to talk to anyone I just wanted to be alone. Everything reminded me of him I was living in a tainted space.  I was overanalyzing every decision I made, questioning if leaving him was the right choice, wondering if I was ever going to piece my life back together.
Photo Cred: Trice C.
I went into overdrive thinking about all the ways I could get rid of every memory and every conversation. I had accepted a new job at the time so that was half of the battle, I no longer had to drive past his exit. Now to my friends, my friends were mutual friends with him. In my immaturity and dysfunction I reverted back to that kindergarten mentality.
You know the one where you try to get everyone on your side and turn everyone against the other person! Yup I reverted back to those ways; fortunately I was able to stop myself before I did any unnecessary damage to my character or to him.
I had to recognize that I couldn’t run from the memory of him, I had to grow and go through it! I had to unplug from Twitter (back in 2010 that was LIT) I had to basically detach from my surroundings.  I had to own up to the fact that the tainted spaces weren’t going anywhere. Our favorite restaurant was still going to be there two months from now, my favorite commercial was still going to be playing nonstop; our song was still going to be played on the radio. I had to face reality and it wasn’t pretty.
A relationship ending whether it be just dating or  marriage, it feels like death and you go through a grieving process. You are angry, you are in denial, you begin to reflect and one day down the line you realize that you can move on. Life has a funny way of happening whether you want it to or not, my friends were still going to party without me, my siblings were still going to get under my skin, my ice cream addiction to Snickers bars was still going to be there in the morning.  I had to make a choice to face the thing that tried to tear me apart.
I had to create new memories; I had to create a healthy space in my mind and in my heart for him. I had to forgive him and I had to move on. I still love what use to be our favorite restaurant, my friends are still friends with him and I learned to redirect my pain.
For every tainted space in your life whether it be from two months ago to ten years ago, you deserve to be free! You are allowed to make new memories. You are allowed to be happy without wishing any ill will against the other person. You are allowed to eat ice cream and watch all the tv you want if that’s what makes you happy.
A tainted space it just that, a SPACE in time.  Always remember time keeps moving whether you want it to or not. Make the choice to move on, embrace every moment you have and cherish the good times!

NYC Update!

Buses. Uber and  Lyft.  Subways. Walking lots of walking.

Life in New York has definitely been an experience for those that don’t know I live part time in New York and Raleigh, NC; it has been an adjustment but it is super exciting!

Photo Cred: Trice C.
Over the past two months I have learned so much about myself and I can truly say that my southern hospitality is turned down a bunch once I land in New York. I honestly don’t have time to nod and smile at people I literally have to focus on where I’m going and the traffic. It doesn’t matter if you have the right away there is always a car waiting for you to run across the street.  There is lots of honking and there are enough dogs around so I can get my doggy fix (I have been wanting a dog of my own for the past two years)
I haven’t had a lot of time to do touristy things but last month I took the ferry over to Staten Island and back with a few coworkers and we grabbed lunch. All in all it’s pretty pricey in New York (that goes without saying) but it’s all about the experience. There is a little something for everybody and there is always an adventure ahead of you.
The most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated when you want to go out and about. What others think may be a twenty minute train ride can easily turn into a two hour commute because you were not paying attention to the subway map.  I will never forget that time my father and I ended up in Coney Island when we were trying to go to Manhattan (what an experience).
My father and I went to New York back in April for my interview and we made a joke out of the fact that we took every mode of transportation available. Cars, planes, boats, trains, buses, cabs and the walking, oh Jesus the walking.
Photo Cred: Trice C.

So I created a list of things to keep in mind when visiting or moving to New York!!
1. Download the city mapper App or any application that can help you navigate your way around the city
2. Always carry cash (it doesn’t have to be a lot but it is necessary)
3. Invest in a Fitbit or something that can help keep track of your calories burned and your steps (you are basically working out 24/7)
4. Plan your tourist attractions by day (try to pick an area of New York and hit all the hotspots in that area. Trust me you will thank me later)
5. Carry a small purse, over the shoulder strap or a fanny pack (I heard they were coming back in style! Haha!!)
6. Pack an outfit for every season (our weather is very iffy) 
7. Pack a sweater, jacket or umbrella 
8. Find local restaurants  to eat at (support local businesses and mom and pop shops)
9. Do NOT  get offended if you ask for help and people don’t answer or just keep walking
10. You have to buy a slice of NY pizza and cheesecake
11. Take lots of photos!

If there is one major piece of advice I can give you it would be to embrace the moment. The energy in New York is absolutely crazy and it’s so electrifying. Live in the moment!

Also if you are ever in New York and you need a tour guide, let me know!

Until Next Time! Embrace your journey! 

Photography Owned by: Trice C.

What About My Plans? (Throwback Edition)

Psalm 20:4-5
“May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. May we shout for joy over your victory and lift up our banners in the name of our God. May the Lord grant all your requests.”

Dear You,
That moment when you look around and see your friends going places and doing things that you only dreamed of. Do you feel like life is just passing you by? Feeling stuck, uncomfortable or just frustrated with the season you are in?
It’s in this moment, in this season where you have to stop and just thank God. I know you are looking at your life and there seems to be missing pieces but know that the creator sees and hears all. There has never been a day where God our creator has forgotten about you. He is carefully piecing your life together and every day that you wake up he continues to add to you.  In Psalm chapter 20 verse 5(b) it states “May the Lord grant all of your requests” that simply means every prayer you have prayed no matter how big or small he has heard you!
Photo Cred: Trice C.
In this season your only assignment is to be committed to embracing the season you are in. Whether you are just graduating high school, finishing up your college degree or learning how to juggle life as a mother and a wife while trying not to lose yourself, he hears you! You are exactly where God wants you and no matter what you are facing God has his hands on you.
Enjoy this season, embrace it and learn from it. My prayer for you is that you take every lesson and every test that you are going through and remain strong. Know that the desires of your heart matter and your plans will succeed! Your dreams won’t die, your vision matters, your story matters, your testimony will save lives. And together we will join hands and “Shout for joy over YOUR victory and lift up our banners in the name of our God!”
Just hold on! God is carefully piecing your masterpiece together.

Celebration VS. Comparison

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy roots the bones.”-Proverbs 14:30 (NIV)
The other day I came across a post on Facebook and I immediately went into celebration mode for my friend. One thing I have learned growing up is that celebrating others is one of the greatest things you can do.
Now I have to admit I wasn’t always so quick to celebrate others due to my own selfish ambition and jealousy. I would question God and ask “Why them?” “Am I not doing the right thing?” The comparison trap set in very quickly, I was no longer focused on the celebration I was focused on my own insecurity and self-image. I kept thinking let me just “fake it till I make it.” In my mind I figured that if I celebrated them in public then one day I could genuinely celebrate them in private. When in reality Christ wants our heart to match our actions at all times, we are called to rise above and to be genuine. I needed a heart check and I needed to check my emotions. How could I be a follower of Christ but harbor envy and strife?
Being envious of others does nothing but cause you to wallow in the “what ifs” and the “why me” moments. When it comes time for me to celebrate others I do not have the time or the energy to figure out why they were blessed before me, it’s my job to cheer them on but to focus on the path that is set before me.  Christ never called me to figure out the plan he had for their life but to stay focused on the path he put in front of me. I wasn’t designed to map out the end result or to question him I was created to serve him and to share his love and compassion. It’s impossible to share his message of his love and compassion if I am harboring jealousy and envy.
This wasn’t a lesson I learned overnight, granted I dealt with this from the age of 12-19 and there are still moments where I have to fight the urge to be envious or judgmental.  I have to remind myself to stay focused on what God has planned for my life and this is not a competition, it’s a journey. It’s MY journey and although others may not support or celebrate every milestone or moment I will ensure that my heart is pure and my intentions are good.
Today’s Challenge:
1. Do a heart check whenever you feel envy or that bit of insecurity rise. 
2. Dig deep and find out why you are feeling this way.
3. Address your triggers  
4. Overcome every obstacle! 
“You cannot be bitter and envious and still expect God to favor you.” –Trice C.

His Promise Still Stands

In a time where this country is in disarray I turn to Christ, I turn to him because fear insists on reminding me that I too could be next. Although my skin color doesn't define what Christ placed inside of me I get weary and honestly I'm tired.

In those moments of uncertainty and ultimately fear I still get on my knees and pray. I know that God loves each of us that showing his love and compassion is needed. He promised to never leave us and to always provide. I trust in the promise that he spoke over my life, I trust that he has a plan.

I see the chaos, the hatred, the tears from my bothers and sisters. I see the rising of young men and women regardless of race, background and tax bracket coming together to raise the standard. I see the marches, the flags and the banners. I hear the cries from mothers, wives, daughters, sons and grandparents as they watch history repeat itself. I feel the pain, I feel rejection, I feel the defeat, I feel the strength. I know the ending, I know the healer and I know my redeemer lives.

For every battle we face whether we win or lose he is right there with his arm outstretched. While we are waiting on the promise to manifest, he's preparing our hearts. For every tear and unspoken fear he is holding our hand and covering us. I trust that our momentary affliction can not be compared to the glory that shall be revealed. I trust in Christ, I believe in his word and I will continue to pray for our country.

My prayer for you:

I pray that God continues to cover you and give you the strength to endure. I pray that you walk boldly and know that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. May his peace surround you and may his love comfort you.

Lesson Learned: Give Thanks

Los Angeles, California
“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” -1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

I took a mini break from blogging to focus on my newest career endeavors and to figure out which direction I wanted my blog to go within the next few years. I am so grateful for this opportunity God has given me and for the chance to explore the world in a new setting and environment. During my time, off I was able reconnect and discovered that my passion is directly attached to my gift and both must be protected and cherished.
The months leading up to my big transition weren’t easy and honestly, I really wasn’t expecting it to be, financially things were taking a turn and I it caught me off guard. I stayed faithful to the commitments I had made and remained focused on what was ahead of me, although there were moments where I wanted to rush the process along I had to stop and embrace the season I was in.
My emotions were all over the place for many different reasons I was excited, nervous, hesitant but expecting God to guide me along the way. I wish I could say that I made it through with my own strength but that would be a lie. I had to depend on God and I had to trust in the plan he had for me life. Every expectation, desire or want that I had for my transition was changed as soon as I put everything in Gods' hand. I reached a point where I realized that God gave me everything that I prayed for but deep down I was still unhappy. I had to do some digging and I found out that I was essentially running from the thing God placed in front of me.

Now I know you are reading this and wondering, well that’s backward you should be happy God answered your prayer. And yes! You are totally right I should’ve been rejoicing and found giving thanks but I was too focused on myself and on my feelings. I was uncomfortable and scared and ultimately, I became so fixated on the “what’s next” that I failed to focus on the season God had me in.

I learned that if you keep trying to fast forward through every uncomfortable or undesirable situation you will miss the lesson in that season. The lesson I learned was that Christ is in control of all things and the moment I begin to lean unto my own understanding I begin to fall. My mind cannot fathom the things God has planned for my life and me stressing about starting over and fulfilling the assignment was pointless. When God calls you into a new season he has already equipped you for everything that may come your way. Every obstacle, victory, defeat, trial or pain he has given you the tools to survive and to succeed.  Last year this time I would’ve never imagined living in New York City and in Raleigh, it just wasn’t what I planned but God had it all worked out!

My prayer for you:
In every circumstance whether good or bad I pray that you find yourself giving God thanks. You may not understand why things aren’t happening the way YOU planned it, but God’s plan for your life is so much bigger and better than what you put on our New Year’s Resolution List. Don’t throw your lists of dreams and hopes away just allow God to direct every step you take and give thanks regardless of what comes your way.

I believe in you and I believe in your JOURNEY!!!

Spotlight Feature: Joy Gaines (Vintage Lovee 1988)

I am so excited to share this wonderful interview with you, I had a chance to sit down with my sister in Christ to gather some amazing insight on her business. Special thanks to Joy Gaines for giving me the opportunity to shed my spotlight on you!

 1.When did you become interested in fashion?
     Honestly, as a teenager I was not always interested into the latest fashion trends until I left for college. Fashion became an interest of mine around my early 20’s. It was so fascinating watching reality shows such as America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway. Moreover, vintage fashion has always been an interest of mine because of the unique patterns, material, colors and style. During my childhood I was always intrigued of these influential woman Coretta Scott King, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight and Dorothy Dandridge just to name a few. 

2. Is there a meaning behind your brand name "Vintage Lovee 1988"
   Vintage Lovee 1988 came to mind overnight after spending hours online trying to create a name I gave up. Honestly, after praying for a couple of days the name “Vintage Lovee 1988” came to me while I was surfing one of my favorite websites Pinterest. I have always been a lover of vintage fashion so the name was created with that thought in mind. While thinking about the name I wanted to make it different and unique so the 1988 came into play being the year I was born. 

3. What do you want your customers to know when they are searching for quality vintage pieces?
   When looking for vintage fashion it is important to understand how sizing works depending on the piece you are looking for. Vintage clothes are usually sized smaller than your normal size but it is important to try on the garment if possible. In addition, depending on the fabric for some it may feel itchy so you may want to try on the garment to see how it feels. 
4. How many vintage items should a woman have in her closet?  
    Ordinarily women love fashion but a person has to have a love for vintage to wear it. Personally, not everyone will love vintage but if you are into vintage fashions having a few pieces in your closet is a must. 
5. What are your favorite pieces in your collection?
Founder & Owner
    My favorite pieces in my collection are my earrings, dresses and brooches. While vintage clothing is not for everyone, I enjoy dressing up with vintage fashion wear. While some vintage dresses can come off old fashion. My collection is tailored to my personality. Vintage jewelry is unique because of the patterns, colors, sizes and material used to make the jewelry. Depending how a person feels their jewelry should fit their personality.

6. When did you start your business?
   Vintage Lovee 1988 was started in the spring of 2015. At first the business started as a hobby because of my love for vintage fashion. While the years progressed, that is when I decided a hobby could turn into a business. 

7. What do you want your customers to know about your business?
     Vintage Lovee 1988 offers unique apparel and accessories to women who value versatility, class, style and grace. 

8. What has been your biggest highlight or monumental moment since you started your business?
    Since starting my business, the biggest highlight would be the opportunities to sell at festivals, conferences, pop-up shops and church events. While doing these events I am able to network and expand my knowledge as a business owner. 

9. How can others stay in contact with you? 
Customers can stay connected with me by following me on Facebook and Instagram @Vintagelovee1988.