Oh Kentucky!!

First off let me start by saying I have always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby but never made it there. Of course with my amazing job I am given the opportunity to travel around the world and experience things that others sometimes don't have the luxury of doing. I absolutely fell in love with Louisville,Kentucky it is so rich in art and history every corner you turn you see something that grabs your attention.

My crew and I were there in the middle of the week so it was the usual hustle and bustle in downtown but that didn't stop us from checking things off our "things to do list". Our first stop was at Heine Brothers which is a local cafe, I mean sure there was a Starbucks right there but why go to Starbucks when you can go to this cute and amazing coffee shop. Unfortunately I am not a coffee drinker so I ordered a water and a cinnamon strudel, we sat right at the window that faced the busy downtown area. The staff was so nice and very willing to tell us all of the wonderful places to visit, this coffee shop is a must go to spot in Louisville.
After our mini coffee break we were off to visit the 21C Hotel and Museum. From the moment you walk up to the hotel you see these red penguins on the rooftop and once you walk inside you are surrounded by amazing art and positive vibes.I was very intrigued by the red penguins and had no idea what they had to do with the hotel but the art was absolutely amazing. There are two levels to the art gallery my favorite part had to be the area right when you get to the hotel elevator, if you aren't careful it will catch you off guard. You are standing there and you see yourself on the wall and for a split second you are like wait? how did... wait? and before you know it you are standing there for at least five minutes dancing in front of this wall with letters falling all around you and every move you make the letters move with you.  Of course I used this moment as a Snapchat slow motion video (I couldn't pass it up)
Once we finally captured all the photos we were off to the elevator and the moment you step in there you instantly look up and see this amazing piece of art in the ceiling. There was art everywhere you turned and I was truly able to appreciate the amount of time and skill each artist brought to their art. Every piece was different and the lighting was perfect, every piece of art was given the perfect amount of shine, We entered into the Linda Adele Goodine art gallery room and I was taken aback. Every photo was unique and there was a mini explanation of what she was trying to convey in her photo. After gazing at all of the wonderful art I headed to the front desk to get some information on those red penguins on the hotel rooftop. The lady at the front desk was so kind and really took the time to ensure that she educated us on the uniqueness of the penguins. Laura Lee which is the owner of the 21C hotels went to Venice with her husband and they saw these red penguins created by the Cracking Art Group and they fell in love with them. Laura Lee trademarked the penguins so that only  the 21C hotels could use them, the penguins are their statement piece, each hotel has their own color penguins.
Linda's Art Exhibit 
After we left the hotel we ran into the Golden David, til this day I am not sure of the purpose of the Golden David but it is huge! You have to see it for yourself!!

We headed over to the Muhammad Ali Museum and this moment had to be the highlight of my trip. I kept commenting on the style of the building and how the tiles at the top didn't add anything to the building (this was before I discovered the magic of the tiles). We walked inside and although we decided not to tour the museum due to the time we had left we were able to glance around the gift shop and snap a few photos around the museum. I will be returning soon so I can experience the museum.

After leaving the museum we headed down to the river which was beautiful I will be returning to go on the steamboat once the weather warms up! We stayed at the Galt House which was absolutely AMAZING  actually it was spectacular!! Everyone was so friendly and they were very welcoming, of course there are many perks to staying at the Galt House. For one Thelma's is opened 24/7 so if you get hungry in the middle of the night just throw on some clothes and head down to the third floor and order you some amazing food for an affordable price. The bar area was really nice they had fish swimming in the bar, yes fish swimming in the bar, I was memorized to say the least.
The Galt House is filled with shops through out the hotel just about anything you want or need you can get there from their liquor store to their men and women clothing stores there's something for everyone. I highly recommend this hotel for any event or even if you just want to plan a getaway.
No matter what floor you stay on you get an amazing view of the city before you get on the elevator, this was when I discovered the amazing craftsmanship behind the tiles at the Muhammad Ali Museum, in the tiles you can see Muhammad's different fighting stances! Oh don't worry I took photos!
I was able to go back the following week to reconnect with some family members and boy that was fun!!

Thank you Louisville for the amazing food and for the rich history you offer. Until Next Time
All Photos By: Trice Camm

Forever Grateful! Farewell Fear. You Lose

Anytime I am able to share my story I am grateful! God is amazing
Special thanks to whatsoever is lovely for giving me this opportunity! 

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My Prayer Has Changed......

Six years ago around this time I was sitting on the floor in my bedroom writing my prayer for you. I was broken but still wanted to pray for you. It didn't matter how much I was hurting I needed to pray for you. I didn't want my pain to turn into anger I wanted to deal with it and set it free, I wanted to heal and move on. Brokenness is a process and many people deal with their broken pieces in different ways, at the time I just knew I needed to pray. I didn't have all the answers but I trusted God to piece this broken masterpiece back together.
I still want you to live your dream and to experience God in a whole new way.  I just want you to be happy. If that means leaving others behind so you can focus on yourself then so be it. While I was praying for you I began to pray for myself, I prayed that God would give me the strength to close this chapter in my life but to also have the strength to start a fresh new chapter. I had to release all the guilt and shame I felt, I had to forgive myself. I thought I could save you, I thought with a little love and care I could've changed you but God showed me that in the midst of me trying to "fix" you I failed to work on myself. 
Oftentimes I was so consumed by you and how you were feeling that I failed to put myself first. I failed to love myself  and I ultimately stopped caring about the ones closest to me. I lost myself in what I thought was "love" but love doesn't cause you to lose who you are and forget what you stand for. Love breathes life in the darkest parts of your soul, it ignites a fire inside of you. Love reminds you of your dreams and brings about a sense of security. Love is patient, love is kind.

I know God will heal you and I know that this pain is just temporary. Together we will rise above this although we went our separate ways I never once wanted you to feel guilty for my inability to properly love myself. 

These past six years God has brought me to a new place, he has showed me so much about myself and has given me a chance to get it right, These are the moments that I can't wait to share with my future children I want to instill in them the loving and gracious God I encountered during the "dark moment". God has a way of reminding you that your failure and your mistakes not only make you stronger but they can save others form going down the same path as you. And although I can't shield my future children from the heartache if I can help just ONE person avoid losing themselves in a relationship then my job is done. 
It was so much deeper than calling it quits. I had to dig myself out of the darkness. I prayed for you for months I didn't know what else to do but to pray. 

God has changed my prayer now. I have learned to pray for myself and my future spouse with as much intensity and power as I prayed for you. My future spouse is already covered with the blood of Jesus Christ. I pray for his dreams,I ask that God guides him and gives him the strength to make the decisions that honor him. I pray for his heart and that if he needs healing that God heals him. I pray for his family and for any broken pieces that he doesn't know what to do with. I also pray for myself, I pray over my dreams and that HIS will is be done in my life. 

My Prayer For You will always be one of peace and grace. 

But My Prayer has changed.... 

I Love You...

I will never forget the moments we shared. You were such a wonderful husband,father & grandfather. I will never forget that ride into the country with that dog or our early morning Hardee runs! You always ordered the sausage and gravy biscuits with unsweet tea & even though I didn't like it I sat there and ate with you. Our rides home from church were my favorite moments, after you poured out to your congregation it was my chance to ensure you got home safely. You never judged me you just loved me through it. You were always there to support me & you corrected me when I was wrong. I will never forget the time you let me drive from Eden all the way back to your house it was dark outside and I was really upset and you managed to not only to calm me down but you spoke life to me. Once I went off to college we didn't keep in touch as much but you always had just enough strength to pray me out of those dark moments. There were plenty of times I couldn't put into words how I was feeling and you just started praying. We cried together and we shared some very special moments.I could always depend on you to pray for me and you could always depend on me for a song. You saved me from Uncle Franks dog and you made sure Bo Bo was nice to me (he was my favorite)
I will never forget the last conversation we had face to face, I was sitting on the edge of your bed holding your hand and you asked me to sing for you. You were so weak and you spoke over my life, your words still ring true. I watched you love others when they could care less, you carried yourself with such dignity and you loved all of us with an unconditional love. I  miss chasing you around the house and hearing you laugh at us from behind the bedroom door. I miss seeing you vacuuming the house before church on Sunday morning. I miss our car rides to the dump we wore that Kirk Franklin cassette out. I miss coming into your room and leaning back in your recliner and watching the westerns with you. I will never forget the first time you heard me on a CD you were so excited and played it every chance you got. You listened to me and you deposited wisdom every chance you got. 
Life has changed drastically since you left. I knew when Dad received the phone call life would never be the same. Tears still fill my eyes when I think of the missing piece in my heart but God has a way of reminding me of all the seeds you planted. I don't dream about you anymore and sometimes that makes me sad but I still ask God to let you visit me. Papa I have grown so much and I wish you were here to see the progress. I have made some mistakes and some of the decisions I have made weren't honoring God but I never strayed to far from him. I have forgiven those who have hurt me and I have learned to rise above the attacks of the enemy. 
I ask that you continue to watch over our family.  I am flying all over the country being up there is the closest I can get to being near you. Its always so beautiful and the sun is always shining on my face (kisses from you)
I love you and I thank you for being who God created you to be.
Until We Meet Again,
Love Trice