2016: Life Lessons

Wow! It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone, it flew by. This year was all about growth and unconditional love. There were some dark moments but I am thankful for the seasons where it was silent, it was in those moments when I had no other choice but to depend on God. Friendships ended and relationships were mended and I am grateful for that.  Below are a few life lessons I learned this year!

1. “Never compare your behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.”-Steven Furtick
This was my favorite quote this year! I had to constantly remind myself that most people only share or post the things that they want others to see! And while there is nothing wrong with that I found that it gave me an opportunity to compare my life to theirs.  God never intended us to live on this earth and to compete with each other whether it’s in our professional lives, hair growth (yes! Women do compare their “hair growth goals” to other women) or financial status we are constantly comparing our stuff to others. But the thing I love about God is that some of us can’t handle that level of exposure, that financial responsibility or that amount of responsibility in our workplace. Not because we aren’t worthy but we may not be ready, this year I had to learn to wait on God and trust HIS timing. Although it didn’t feel good I knew that my time was coming and that when I compare my life to other people it’s like I am telling God that my life isn’t good enough.
2. Slow Down! 
I learned that it is okay to just say “NO!” and to actually mean it. I learned that self-care and rest was vital to my physical, mental and emotional well-being. Running on empty was self-destructive and in the end detrimental to the people who needed me the most. “You cannot pour from an empty vessel.”-Trice Camm
That quote is so true, if I don’t take the time to ensure that I am filled then I have nothing to give. I learned that it’s okay to just lie in bed and eat whatever I want (in moderation) and to not feel guilty about going to the grocery store on an empty stomach and not sticking to the grocery list! (You should see my shopping cart! Haha)  Slowing down gave me the opportunity to embrace what God had given me and to enjoy the moment. We spend so much of our time running here and there and when it’s time to care for ourselves we don’t have any energy left.
3. Unplug if needed!
 2016 was a constant reminder of how important it is to unplug from social media and the negativity in the world. As the year started flying by I started watching the news less and less. My heart and soul could not take the things that were broadcasted nightly. Instead I spent majority of my time immersed in books and at Barnes and Noble (thank God for their membership accounts!)  I noticed that I was so attached to my phone that I was losing grip on the things that mattered the most to me. (Take a moment to read my story here: “How social media almost ruined my relationship with Christ.”)
I had to remind myself that before there were cell phones, weekly marches and protests, hateful tweets and statutes there was FAMILY! I wasn’t afraid to hit the ignore button and it didn’t bother me when I missed a few calls during my writing time.
4. Follow your heart and pursue your dreams! 
I always wanted my writing to be displayed on a large platform; little did I know that God would take a simple idea of “My Journey” and allow it to bless so many people. I began to seek God for direction and for wisdom, I knew that I wanted to write but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be transparent.  I am so thankful that God not only gave me a vision but a desire to share my story and a willingness to be open and honest about MY STORY! That’s what this life is all about living our story and embracing our journey! Blogging was just a small part of the purpose God revealed to me this year; he reignited a dream inside of me that I left behind as a child. I learned that you cannot share your story, your vision, and your plan with everyone. I learned to protect my gift just like a mother protects her newborn. You nurture it, you protect it, and you grow, develop and learn.
5. NO Excuses!
2016 was definitely a year of “no excuses!”  I didn’t have an opportunity to be lazy in my prayer life and I didn’t have a chance to make excuses about why I didn’t have time to pray. Why? Because God humbled me in such a powerful way, I went through some of the most painful experiences in my life this year but through it all I couldn’t find a reason to detach from the experience. I had to go through it, I had to grow and most importantly I had to learn. I had to reprogram myself when it came to love and how I loved. I had to bite my tongue when I wanted to lash out and I had to walk away when I wanted to stay.  I learned how to pray, and how to talk to God. I understood that there was no reason to hide behind something that wasn’t true or real. God sees all and he knows all, so approaching his throne with an excuse was no longer working.

Overall this year was exactly what God had planned and although it was tough I learned that he always fulfills his promises! I pray that you go into next year with an open mind and heart, ready to receive whatever God has for you.  I pray that when life gets tough and things take a turn for the worst remember who is on the throne. I encourage you to go back to the drawing board, go back to where you first fell in love with Christ and continue to nurture that relationship. Continue to be honest with yourself and with the ones around you. Never feel guilty about removing yourself from toxic people or situations. Know WHO’S you are and WHO you are! Make no excuses for taking care of yourself and for ensuring that your dreams come to pass.  Dance when you feel like crumbling, laugh when you feel like crying and most importantly run when you feel like crawling. God has you and I know you will make it!
Happy New Year! Love, Trice Camm

Heart Check: Week One

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. –Proverbs 4:23 (NIV)

I spent many years building this wall it wasn’t something I decided to do one day, it just happened.  My wall was gorgeous, I was able to see through the other side but no one was able to have access to me. I was protective and oftentimes very defensive when I felt there was an intruder coming into my space.  I didn’t realize the damage I was causing until it was too late.
I was just guarding my heart, I was protecting what I thought was the most valuable thing I could offer. I knew that I loved deep and I loved hard and many times the other person couldn’t handle the amount of love they were receiving. Because my heart was so big and I gave so much I always felt like I wasn’t given the right amount of love in return when it came to relationships and friendships. I would always end up hurt in the end so I did what any person would do, I started guarding my heart.  Little did I know, I spent years building walls and I wasn’t actually guarding my heart I was stopping it from functioning the way God intended it to.
I was creating a blockage in my heart and in my life, in order for you to get in you had to fight. You had to fight like your life depended on it, you had to pass multiple tests and I was the one who determined if you succeeded. I passed up a lot of friendships and relationships whether it be work related or personal not because I didn’t feel they weren’t deserving of my friendship or time I felt they weren’t deserving of my heart.  I was simply guarding my heart.
I was doing what the scripture said, I was just doing what my mentors encouraged me to do.. Eventually I began to present the person I felt “they” wanted to see or be around. The one who passive, funny and who didn’t speak up. I didn’t want to cause any confrontation which gave others the ability to walk over me and to take advantage me. So what did I do? I built a wall not only around my heart but around me, this time my wall was reinforced with barricades and for every time someone hurt me I built a wall.
But God has a way of not only tearing down the walls but exposing your hurt, not to embarrass you but to show you that there are people who can help you. God created everyone in HIS image but sadly not everyone carries his love and light inside of them. So that puts us at risk for hurt, damage and abuse, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional. Many times the doubt and the low self-esteem began within us. Who told us that we weren’t good enough? Who told us we had to look like the women in the magazines? Who told us our hair wasn’t long enough, curly enough or straight enough? Who created the atmosphere for competition? Was it us or was it them? Honestly, for me I began the cycle of comparison at an early age, when in reality I have so much to offer the world but because of my walls no one was able to experience it.
The mistake I made is that once I built the walls I realized that I didn’t have the strength or the tools to tear them down. I did what I was taught, I asked God for help but of course I made the decision to try to help him. God not only removed my desire to help him but he began to heal me.
I didn’t want new friends, I didn’t want to meet “THE ONE” I just wanted the walls to be demolished. As time went on God began to surround me with an amazing group of friends who were patient enough to love me through my insecurities and my hurt. I am so grateful that God allowed the walls to crumble but I had some lessons to learn.
I learned that everything flows in and out of my heart; I cannot survive and fulfill my purpose on earth if I block access to the one thing that keeps me alive. I had to reprogram myself; I had to learn how to guard my heart and how to trust the process.  I had to trust that every failed friendship and relationship wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t always ME! Sometimes the season just ended and their purpose was fulfilled in my life. To guard my heart means to love freely but to be mindful that with every heartbeat and with every breath there is a purpose to be fulfilled.  I understand the importance of protecting my heart but also trusting God with my heart and with my decisions.
No more walls. No more excuses. No more hesitation.

Guard your heart. Don’t block the flow!

Overcomer Series: "Trice"

My View VS. His View

I am constantly challenging myself to do better, and to succeed in the midst of adversity. But what happens when your private struggles begin to take over? It’s easy for me to sit in a coffee shop with my girlfriend’s and inspire them to be the best in everything they do. It’s natural for me to sit on the phone for hours encouraging the people who mean the most to me but honestly when it comes to my personal life I struggle daily.
My insecurities surround me and day by day they continue to rise to the surface. My struggle hit and all time high when I noticed year after year I was still single and could never get past a certain stage with a guy. If he wasn’t there for one thing or another, then he drained the life out of me. I ultimately gave up on finding love and began to question myself. I was validated at a very young age, my father ensured that we knew our worth growing up. I was never the type to have guys lined up waiting to “Talk to me” I was never the type to just casually date. I just wasn’t that girl and I am okay with that.  I figured I would get married young and have a family. Honestly once I hit my mid-twenties that all I wanted, “to be a good wife and a wonderful mother.” I am always ensuring that others are taken care of and failed to take care of myself.  In the long run I see the damage that I caused. Yes! That’s right there are some instances where we willingly downplayed the hurt and just pushed past it. That was my motto growing up, “yes you are hurting but push past it.”  I am so thankful that even in the silent battles God gives me the strength to endure.
The hidden parts of us, God sees and reaches out to restore us.  I would try so hard to mask the pain and hide the emptiness, when God was simply trying to uncover the hidden junk and heal me. What I see and what Christ sees is two different things and when life doesn’t go as plan, it’s hard to remember that God still sees me.  I can quote scriptures all day that would empower and lift me up but when you allow the “junk” to rise it will eventually take over. I am learning day by day that every failed relationship, friendship and closed door brought me to this moment. A moment where I have no other choice but to believe the promises Christ has spoken over my life and that in DUE season the right one will come. I am learning that it’s my responsibility to love myself the way Christ loves me, to see the beauty that Christ sees in me and to show the love of Christ to others.
Every day I make a conscious effort to push past the insecurity and to be there for myself just like I am for others. My view on life, love and my appearance cannot be compared to what Christ sees inside of me.  I was validated before the failed relationships and the broken friendships. I was fearfully and wonderfully made before I allowed the outside perception change how I viewed myself. I was called and chosen before the doors were closed in my face.  My view will always lead me down the wrong path if I continue to ignore the promises and words of affirmation that God has spoken into my life.
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5

Overcomer Series: "Monique"

Our guest blogger this week is a young woman named, Monique. I met her in 2009/2010 at one of our colleges back home. Her story is one of strength, faith & perseverance.

"I lost my baby but found my strength"

October marks a very deep and dark moment in my life. It's the month that I found out I was going to be a mom! The excitement that ran through me was indescribable. I visioned what the nursery would look like, would it be a girl that I always wanted, would it have my features, how would I tell our family? We had been trying for awhile to get pregnant & nothing was happening, so I under went fertility treatments hoping that it would pay off. As a woman I felt like a failure already because it's like my body can't do the one thing I'm suppose to do, which is have children. I was so happy that I finally could give my husband the one thing that we were missing. We told everyone & things seemed to be going good. Our marriage had came along ways, (which I thought) we were getting along and things finally seemed to be working out the way it was suppose to be. A few weeks later, the unthinkable begin to happen, I started bleeding. A sign that no pregnant woman wants to see. We went to the ER & the doctor told us in so many words,"I'm sure you're having a miscarriage." He (the doctor)  abruptly left the room and there we were left with the aftermath of dealing with this again but I saw a change in my husband from that day.

 I couldn't get ahold of my doctor until that Monday so I prayed that they would find a resolution and answers. Sadly, my doctor confirmed that my HCG levels were dropping & that I was having a tubal pregnancy in which the baby was stuck in my tube.

My heart broke into a thousand pieces. I hated god, I hated everyone that I saw that was pregnant. I couldn't quite understand why he was punishing me. What did I do to deserve this? My doctor gave me shots to finish out the process of the miscarriage to ensure the sac wouldn't bust in my tubes. During that time I went into a depression. I begin to notice my husband was changing. Our marriage was suffering because of this miscarriage. He wasn't as attentive as he was. He began to disrespect me & even left home for a few weeks. Leaving me there to do everything. I knew than that it was time to make a change. 13 years of the same pattern of behavior. I could no longer be with a man that didn't value me or comforted me when as I grieved our child.

After the miscarriage, I began to pick up the pieces of my life. I had to realize that I was better than the situation I was in. I had to find my self worth and love for me. I was fighting so hard for us but I lost myself in the process. For once I wanted someone to fight for me. I had to let go of the dream of being a wife and mother & find out who Monique was.

I packed up the life I had & begin the journey of something new. I filed for divorce and moved out. I didn't really have a plan but I had faith that God would see me through. I didn't know what God was doing in my life when he took my baby from me but in a weird twist of fate it actually saved me. I was finally born again! I found strength at my most weakest moment. I found the power to overcome & most importantly I found me.

1 Corinthians 13:4-5

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Overcomer Series 2016: "Lindsee"

Our  guest blogger is, Lindsee. I have known her for the past two years  & her story is truly remarkable.

May 2015 I was fired from my dream job that I moved 3 hours away from my family to take. A few months prior to my firing I had renewed my lease at my apartment and did not want to pay the $2500 to break my lease. I honestly didn't think it would be that hard to find a full-time job, after all I did have two college degrees. I took the first job that I could get. It only paid $10 an hour. What was I supposed to do with that? So I picked up a part-time job on the weekends. That job only paid $7 an hour. Still not making ends meet I sunk into this feeling that I never felt before.

During this time I didn't tell my family or friends what was really going on. I would smile and laugh on the phone or out and about but every night I would cry myself to sleep. I would cry in the shower. I would randomly cry driving down the street. How did I get this low? Why did God let me fall? He was supposed to never leave me or forsake me but I had never felt so lonely in my life. Still needing more money to cover food and bills I got a third job working overnight stocking shelves in a retail store. This continued on for several months and the feelings of depression turned into suicidal thoughts. A few times I had contemplated driving over a bridge or purposely crashing head on into a concrete median.

Not knowing what to do and too much to tell my family what kind of mess I was really in all I could do was cry out to God. I was tired of being broke, tired of being lonely, tired of cry and weighed down from depression. I had not been to a church service since before my move in 2014. I honestly felt that I had let God down in our relationship; I mean I stopped talking to him so why even go to church. I have the Bible app and one morning my daily verse popped up and spoke to my situation Psalm 34:17(NIV) "The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles." 

You would think that between my situation, now barely being able to afford food and Jesus speaking to me through the Bible app I would be in church.......not! I had to admit to my family that I could barely afford my rent and food that finally. It was during this season that I realized that depression was just another tool for the enemy to attack me. He had already took everything from me physically, the only thing left was my mind. I pushed my pride aside and ask my family for help. My dad and my brother stepped right in, my dad called me and begged me to go to church. So I went. 

I continued to go. I started to read my Bible again. One day on my beloved Bible app I came across Psalm 40:1-3(NIV). It says, "I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the LORD and put their trust in him."  I continued to seek God and go to church. By the end of the year God put me in a job making $5000 more than the job that fired me and with amazing benefits. I was able to go from three jobs and tired to one job and having free time. He truly did put a new song in my mouth. The more time I spent with God the more quiet the sounds of the enemy and depression got. 

Whenever I get those feelings of depression I remind myself of what he did for me in 2015. If he did it before he can do it again.

He Forgot To Take My Voice...


And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one's bands were loosed (Acts 16:25-26)
Imagine being put in jail for simply doing the work of the Lord…. 
In Acts chapter sixteen Paul and Silas had encountered a woman who was possessed and was being used by her masters for a profit (verse 16) Paul commanded the spirit to come out of her and she was delivered. Her masters saw this and realized that they could no longer use this woman for financial gain and took Paul and Silas to the rulers (verses 17-19). The rulers saw that Paul and Silas were Jews and could be a potential threat considering that they were Jews and were teaching things that were contrary to the beliefs of that city.  The magistrates began to beat Paul and Silas and put them in prison (verse 23). At midnight Paul and Silas began praying, they were bound by shackles, they had been beaten and were in prison for simply preaching Gods word.  They knew that if they could just open their mouths and call on God that he would hear them. “Suddenly there was a great earthquake.” (verse 26a) Immediately God began moving on their behalf the foundations of the prison were shaken and the doors were open and everyone was loosed. (verse 26b)
You may be bound by your problems, you may have some scars and bruises but in the midst of the storm we must learn how to call on God. It doesn’t take God hours, days or even weeks to move he can change your situation around IMMEDIATELY.  Paul and Silas knew that the God of their salvation would hear them; they knew that they were walking in the authority he had given them. They were obedient to the call God had placed over their lives and were determined to still be obedient.  After having done all that they could do they simply prayed. Often times when life knocks us on our knees we try to fix it, we try to solve the problem or simply try to erase it as though it never happened.  We begin to get weighed down by our circumstances (shackles) we get stuck (prison cell) we get hurt (bruises). All we have to do is call upon the name of the Lord. The devil can tie us up, hold us down and walk all over us but one thing he seems to leave alone is OUR VOICE!!! He tried to kill us last year but we opened our mouths and began praying and IMMEDIATELY God stepped in and changed our situation. You may lose everything but you still have YOUR VOICE! “Life and death lies in the power of the tongue.” (Proverbs 18:21)  Speak life in the midst of your situation and watch God start breaking the chains and healing the scars in your life. God has a way of not only delivering you but healing you at the same time. So the next time the devil tries to stop you just open your mouth and remind him that “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.”(Isaiah 54:17) “I am the head and not the tail.”(Deuteronomy 28:13) “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”(Psalms 139:14) “NOTHING shall separate me from the love of God.” (Romans 8:35) “Speak those things as though they were.” (Romans 4:17b) “Behold he will do a NEW thing.”  (Isaiah 43:19a)
And last but not least my favorite scripture:
“To everything there is a season.” (Ecclesiastes 3: 1) And devil your season is UP!! YOU FORGOT TO TAKE MY VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Speak Father, for I am listening

 “He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” –Psalm 46:10

Did you even hear my prayer last night? Nothing has changed but some way; somehow I will find a way to make it through this day.
I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have said those exact words. My frustration with God’s lack of responsiveness (or so I thought) was growing. I would eventually drag myself out of bed and go about my day. Still wondering and asking God was he too busy to come and help me. But I never stopped to examine my heart and my current mindset. While I was praying God fix this, God move and protect. My heart was simply saying, “God if you do this I promise I will live right, I promise I will be more cautious with my words.” But God saw my true motives and he knew that I was simply bargaining with him, I wasn’t sincere in my prayer and ultimately I was giving him an ultimatum.  
I am so thankful that God chooses to look past my mistakes and still comes and sees about me. I will never forget reading Psalm 46:10 one morning and it hit my like a ton of bricks. God spoke to me in that moment and reminded me that while I was busy running around trying to fix things or cover up the fact that I was falling apart emotionally and spiritually he was working on my behalf. He was covering me while I tried to hold everything together never giving him full control over the situation.  God just wanted me to place my worries and my issues at his feet and leave it there. I was so busy attempting to lay it at his feet but as soon as I would get up off my knees I took the issue with me. I carried it around on my back and on my shoulders; I felt that if God didn’t meet my deadline then it was my job to fix it. I must admit I love to have control over things whether it is planning a birthday event or a vacation, but when it came to my spiritual life I would often approach God with that same mentality.
I have learned that God doesn’t operate in our timing, he knows the plans that he has for my life and he knows that in every situation there is something to be learned. “Be still and KNOW that I am God.” God has a way of not only reminding you of who he is, but that you cannot fix things on your own. “BE STILL” is such a simple command but it was definitely something I struggled with. See to be still, you have to trust that God will work everything out, not in your timing but in his timing. Patience, I needed to learn how to be patient and the power of releasing it over to God. Giving God every pain, hurt and burden gave me the opportunity to embrace my freedom and ultimately learn how to trust God in the process.  “And know that I AM GOD.” He is and will always be God; there will never be another who can take his place. He is God and will continue to reign on the throne for eternity. Knowing that he is Lord over every situation, disappointment, pain and defeat gives me the confidence to trust in him even more. He can fix any situation even before we begin to formulate the words in our brain. God is all knowing and is always present in every area of our lives. Even when we are unfaithful and continue to live a life that doesn’t honor him he is still Lord of all. He is GOD and we must know that he is always there.
When I get on my knees to say a prayer I not only need to make my requests known but I had to learn how to leave it at his feet and trust that he heard every word. In return I am learning to listen to him, I am no longer just making requests but I am listening for his instructions on what to do next. Over the past year my prayer life has changed and I am growing daily. That’s what this walk is all about, growing and learning. God doesn’t expect us to have it all together; he just wants us to have an open heart and a willingness to receive whatever he has for our lives.

Father, I ask you continue to guide each of us in our daily pursuits to honor you. Where we lack I ask that you supply, where we fall short I ask that you correct.  Help me trust that you are in control and you know exactly what I need in this season of my life. Never let me forget that your timing is perfect and that although it doesn’t feel good I still trust in the path you have set before me.  I believe that you are and will always be the Lord of my life and I thank you for the many blessings you have given me. This life is a gift and for that I thank you.  When I feel weak send a reminder that it’s okay to BE STILL and wait on you. Let me have unshakable faith and a willingness to grow in every area of my life. I know that YOU ARE MY GOD and there is nothing that I could do to take away your love, your love for me runs deeper than the ocean.
Thank you for dying for me and for giving me the gift of salvation.  

In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.

God Answered My Prayer... Now What?

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” –Colossians 3:23-24

I had my bags packed and I was off to start this new adventure! I was excited, nervous and scared but I knew that this was what I wanted and God had finally answered my prayer. This was my job, this was my moment and this was my new season all I had to do was embrace it. After a few weeks of training and multiple exams it was official, I had the job and I was relocating to a new city to start my new life.       Now almost two years later I find myself uncomfortable, uneasy and ultimately unfaithful. I am uncomfortable because I am longing for a change but I am too scared to make a move, too scared to step out on faith and ultimately being unfaithful in my commitment to trust God in every season. So what do you do when God finally gives you the desires of your heart and you find yourself years down the line being unfaithful and ungrateful?  I struggled with this question for the past few months, I was losing sight of my calling and I was giving up on my vision.  I wish I could give you the answer to fix your issue or your problem but God is still working on me. I am reminded of the scripture in Colossians chapter three, we are given the instructions for our Christian households. We are reminded that in everything we do we must do it with all our heart. If God opened a door for you and gave you exactly what you wanted then you must be fully committed.  Being unfaithful, uneasy and uncomfortable is the easy way out; it’s an easy excuse to present to our father. But what if God took away everything you asked for and gave you the bare minimum not because he didn’t love you but to show you that your ungratefulness was more of a hindrance than a blessing?  How much more would we have to depend on God if we didn’t have the space or the opportunity to come up with excuses?  The thing I love about our father is that he sees our excuses and our unwillingness to be grateful and still chooses to bless us. He loves us in ways we couldn’t even imagine and he still continues to provide of us.  
God answered my prayer and now it’s my job to not only praise him but to ensure that I am found giving my all in everything he has assigned my hands to do. I no longer have time to half way complete assignments and make excuses for my procrastination.  My unwillingness to grow or change must take a backseat when Christ steps into my life.  I have learned that my unfaithfulness ultimately delayed my next blessing, why would Christ continue to bless me if I couldn’t be faithful over the little he has given me?
I am grateful for this season and for my uncomfortable moments; it’s in this moment that I realize that there is always room for growth and improvement. I embrace this season and will take this time to do some introspection. 
When God answers your prayer, it’s your opportunity to walk confidently in the path he has placed before you. 

I believe in you!

Reflect (Ladies Night at Elevation)

I walked into Reflect not knowing what to expect but willing to open my heart and receive what God had for me. Elevation continues to ignite a fire inside of me and remind me that this journey is worth it. Being in a room filled with women who are all seeking Christ brought me to tears.
Holly preached with such a passion and reminded us that everyone needs a "mirror moment"
I am grateful for my "mirror moment" I was able to come face to face with my fear of seeing who I truly was. I saw that I was unfaithful in many areas in my life & in my spiritual walk.
My "mirror moment" caused me to redirect my focus and make a conscious effort to make a change.
Here I was on my knees surrounded by beautiful women, simply seeking what God wanted to say to me. It was in that moment when I asked God to help me. I didn't know what else to say, I just needed his help. I made an altar right where I sat & came to the realization that even in my unfaithfulness God is and will always be faithful.

Thank you Holly Furtick for allowing Christ to lead you! Reflect 2016 was life changing

Am I Strong Enough?

“You armed me with strength for battle; you humbled my adversaries before me.”-2 Samuel 22:40

It was just a regular day I was working crazy hours and still managed to have enough strength to grab dinner with my coworkers. As dinner was coming to an end I received a phone call and before I knew it my world had shattered into a million pieces. Here I was in Bozeman, Montana with no family or friends to call on it was just me and my broken heart, I began walking back to my hotel room with tears in my eyes. Did I not do enough? Did I ignore the signs? Did I miss too many phone calls? What do I do? What do I say? My mind became flooded with millions of questions and my heart became heavy with regret and guilt. 

I remember reaching for my hotel room key and the moment the door slammed behind me I fell on the floor, everything inside of my wanted to scream and just let it out. It was in that moment I realized that I wasn’t strong enough to handle any of this, but this was when I had to depend on God. I learned that after we have our mini freak out sessions Christ is always there waiting to console us and remind us that he will never put more on us than we can bare. I began playing “Oceans” by Hillsong United and just began crying out to God. Till this day I can’t really explain exactly what took place in that room but I do remember my prayer started changing from “God why? Why is this happening to me? I feel alone” to “God please show me how you want me to handle this situation. I just want you to get the glory out of this story. Let this be a testimony of your unconditional love and mercy. Protect everyone involved and let us see you.” Little did I know the storm was just beginning and every time I saw a glimpse of hope it was snatched right from me, but I kept depending on God and I had to trust that this was all a part of his plan. 

God never said that this walk would be easy, he never said that everything will be sunshine and roses but he did promise to always be there.  I had to realize that everything I needed to endure this battle was already placed inside of me; it was my job to access it and use the tools God gave me to fight this spiritual battle.

I was fighting the battle the wrong way, I was confronting the situation on a physical level and I was quickly reminded that this was a spiritual battle. Not only did I have to be strong but I had to arm myself with HIS word and trust that this battle was already won, I was just waiting to see it manifest. The storm was sent into my life to remind me exactly how strong I am with Christ on my side. Every storm, every battle, every lost and every victory I endured and survived because Christ was right there. For the past year and a half I had to lean on Christ like never before, there were times I laid on the floor too weak to raise my head. I was emotionally, physically and spiritually drained but I had to keep pushing! They needed me, they needed my prayers to surround them at night while they laid alone feeling helpless and alone. They needed somebody to believe in them and to understand this was all a part of HIS plan. It was no longer my assignment to judge or question the situation but to go to God in prayer with an open mind and heart

As I look back over the past year and a half I still feel the pain but I trust that the same God who gave me the strength to endure the silent battle will also heal my hurting heart. I am grateful for this season and for all of the lessons I have learned along the way. I am not sure what the end will look like but I am comforted by the fact that God is and will always be in control! No matter where I am in the world, one mention of his name not only summons his presence but his angels as well. 

Whatever silent battle you are going through, know that God sees and hears all. He is right there watching over you while you sleep and he is always working on your behalf!





1 Samuel 16:7 

“But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”



Magazines, social media, television, the mirror, your opinions. These are all the things that tore my self-esteem apart. I have struggled with my self-esteem since I was a child. I was bullied at a young age in regards to my size and the structure of my face specifically my forehead. I remember going home to my dad and telling him that this boy was so mean to me, the names he would call me still ring loudly in my ears. My father, being the man that he is would always hug me and remind me that God created me and there was nothing in this world that anyone could say or do that would take away the beauty that God had made. I wouldgo to school the next day and endure the same mistreatment and eventually I grew tired of hearing that God had made me beautiful because I began believing the negative words that were spoken over my life. From elementary school all the way through high school there was always someone, somewhere who would see my insecurity and use that to their advantage. 

I discovered that how I felt about myself had a lot to do with how I carried myself. If I felt unlovable or ugly then I gave out that vibe, I expected others to change the way I viewed myself. I didn’t want to do the work, I didn’t want to let go of the negative words, and I chose to wallow in my insecurity.  No relationship, no amount of girl’s nights, random road trips or vacations could change the way I viewed myself. What I saw in the mirror was who God created me to be and I absolutely hated it. I am the smallest person in my family and as a child I was always protected and sheltered. I was born at 23 weeks weighing one pound and ten ounces; I fought for six months in the neonatal intensive care unit. I fought to live a life free from the limitations premature babies often have to grow up with. I fought to breathe on my own, I fought to maintain my weight and I fought for a chance to live. 

When others would tease me I would begin to second guess my existence. I always thought if they only knew what I had to endure as a baby would they really say those things to me. It was a deeper than the words it was the affect that the words had over me. It dug a hole deep down in my soul and there was no way I could possibly fix the damage that had been done.

As I matured and became an adult I learned that God not only created me in his image but he ensured that there were unique qualities about me that no one could ever duplicate or erase. He showed me that the way I love others inspired me to not only see their potential but love them through the pain. He showed me that my heart is what really mattered to HIM and that what others saw was simply a shell of who I was. Deep down he had placed something inside of me that many people didn’t have access to, he validated me the day I was brought into this world. He gave me a testimony that not only encourages others but reminds me of his love. I am so glad that when God looks at me he doesn’t see the flaws; he doesn’t see the damage or the hurt that I allowed to come into my life. He simply sees my heart and it is beautiful. 

have remind myself daily, that who God created me to be wasn’t based on other people’s opinions and it’s not found in a magazine. 

My identity and true beauty is found in his word and in the promises he has spoken over my life. Every day I have to wake up and make a conscious effort to fight the nonstop reel of negative memories that attempt to flood my mind. I have to make a choice to love the unlovable, broken pieces of me and to seek Christ when I begin to feel weak.

No matter where you are or what you are dealing with, remember that Christ took his time when he made you. He thought out every piece of you and he is amazed at who you are. The person you are right now is just a glimpse of the beautiful work that God is going to do through you. Never for one moment doubt your existence on earth, learn to love yourself and let it go! 



Keep Fighting

Keep Fighting

12:31 am…. Here I am wide awake just typing away.
While my mind is going 1,000 miles per hour it’s in thismoment that I find a sense of peace and calm. It’s in this moment that Irealize that in order to be great I have to sacrifice sleep and I have to usethe time available to me to fight for my dream.
I must remember that I have to keep fighting, I have a goaland I have a plan. God has given me something amazing and often times I have toget the thought or idea out right away. I have to keep fighting. I have to keepbelieving that one day these late nights and early mornings will pay off. Thereis someone, somewhere that needs this! They need something real to hold on to,they don’t want any clichΓ©s or fancy quotes they want the real deal.  Someone somewhere is longing for someone tospeak directly to their dream. They need a reminder that their dream isn’t crazyand that it’s just within their reach.
As I am writing this, I am currently fighting the urge towatch “Downton Abbey” or picking up the new book I just purchased last week. Iam always fighting whether it be a distraction or my own selfish desire toindulge in the latest social media feeds.  But tonight I will fight the urge and stay upjust a little while longer so I can encourage you!
No matter where you are right now in your life, I wrote thiswith YOU in mind. I want you to know that your dreams matter!  It doesn’t matter how big or small your dreammay be IT MATTERS! If I would’ve given up on my dream you wouldn’t be readingthis blog post right now. If fear would’ve won this blog would not exist. But it’ssomething about a woman who doesn’t give up easily, a woman who fights throughit all just to give you a piece of her heart. My fear almost stopped me fromfighting, my fear of being vulnerable, honest, outspoken and real almostcrippled the dream God placed inside of me.  But when you know God has given you a gift,you have to use it. So here I am using my gift to encourage your heart.
You deserve everything that life has to offer you! You areworthy of a second chance and you are worthy of a life full of happiness andfulfillment.  Your dream is worthfighting for and you must understand that it will take time and patience whengoing after your dream.
We go through seasons and don’t ever think for one momentthat because things are delayed that your dream deserves to die. There wereplenty of times that I would pick up my laptop and start writing but never publishmy piece. I felt like it wasn’t good enough and believe it or not I still havethose moments. But instead of being frustrated or discouraged I simply presssave and close the document. Not every idea or piece of written material workedout and I had to realize that it was the “maybe pile” that helped me perfect mygift and ignited a fire inside of me!
Embrace whatever season you are in and know that if you just keep fighting you can and will make it! I can’t wait to see your dream come to pass! Keep fighting and don’t stop believing


I am honored to be apart of Unashamed Impact!! My first blog piece provides amazing insight on how social media can affect every area of your life!

Unplugged… (How Social Media Almost Ruined My Self-Esteem and my Relationship with Christ)

“Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.”
‭‭1 John‬ ‭2:15-17‬ ‭NIV‬‬
Log Out. Tap. Hold. Delete. Repeat

Unplug. Disconnect. Delete. Log Out.

Oh what joy to unplug from the things that so easily distract us. Snapchat & Instagram had ultimately become the things that consumed so much of my time.
It amazes me how social media had become my go to when boredom would strike. But eventually it was the first thing I did once I opened my eyes. I would immediately roll over and reach for my phone, turn the brightness down and start checking my notifications.
Those red icons had to be cleared before leaving my bed. I discovered I had a problem when I would be more concerned with checking the number of "likes, views and screenshots" I received rather than reading the verse of the day.
I realized my issue with social media could easily be traced back to the validation I expected to receive from others. Social media kept me occupied when I was bored & it helped me procrastinate when I needed to complete a project.
It was something about those likes and the amount of views I received that would ultimately determine if that photo was good enough. But see the thing about it is that no matter how many filters I threw on my photos or snapchat story, if I didn't love myself or have confidence who I was it never really mattered.
Social media became the way I would stay updated on the gossip sites, sports, entertainment issues and  the news and before I realized it, days would pass before I opened my bible.

But life has a way of getting your attention! God used my "social media distraction" to show me how meaningless the "outside opinion" really was. I was challenged to log out and delete every app that was causing me to lose focus.
I started with Instagram and later moved on to Snapchat. During my "unplugged" season I began to carve out time in my schedule to spend with God. I dug deep within myself and dealt with the reasons behind my distraction. Through prayer and reading the word I discovered that if I didn't speak words of affirmation over myself then I would begin to seek it from outside sources.
I began to love the world and everything it had to offer me. I would go to social media before I would get on my knees and pray to God. It was becoming my idol; it was becoming the thing that would numb the pain. Social media gave me the attention that I was craving, it was my platform, and it was my way of bragging when deep down inside I was miserable. When you stand in the mirror and look at yourself you don’t see the comments, the likes, the views, you simply see yourself. I had to find what it was about me that I loved. What the world saw was only the things I decided to post, it wasn’t the true authentic me it was the projection of who I wanted people to see. The real me was broken, hurt, distracted, tired, overwhelmed and ultimately running from the one things God called me to do. The real me wasn’t pleased with how I had idolized social media and that alone caused me to regain focus on Christ.
 I wish I could say that I never get distracted by social media anymore but that would be a lie. I instead reprogrammed myself & I have to constantly remind myself that not everything needs to be broadcasted. The world doesn't need a sneak peek of my devotional routine; and I no longer stage the perfect photo or try to get the best angle.

Unplugging from social media was the best thing I could've done.

I challenge you to take a look at your life & start dealing with those hidden issues. No amount of likes, views, screenshots or comments are going to fill the void that is in your heart. . Eliminate the distraction & focus on the creator.

Devotional : It's Just Enough....

"And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."-2 Corinthians 12:9

Sufficient: enough to meet the needs of a situation or a proposed end (Webster)

In life we are pulled in soo many directions we become exhausted, tired and stressed. And no matter how many times we try to recharge or take a moment for ourselves we still never have enough. Then here comes the enemy messing things up.. It feels like you just cant catch a break... In 2 Corinthians Christ reminds Paul that his grace is sufficient enough for any situation, circumstance or trail..  Often times we forget that Christ would never put more on us than we can bare and that his strength is made perfect in our weakness. Basically we can't do this thing on our own, we can't continue to fight this battle on our own.. If we were designed to do it on our own we wouldn't need Christs' grace/ strength. See Christ knows that eventually we will all need his grace and strength to endure the problems that arise (he still wants to be your superman) 
        I know for me it's a struggle not having control in certain situations and I battle that in my spiritual life as well. I like to put my hands on it first before seeking Christ, I want to fix it up and show him that I can handle it. But God has a way of getting my attention, he quickly reminds me that, "Trice, this situation wasn't meant for you to touch.. you should depend on me, right now you're not strong enough to battle this..." And time and time again I fall flat on my face (you would think I would learn my lesson... right?) At some point we should get tired of trying fix things on our own, these circumstances and trails were designed so that you could seek Christ FIRST..  I would rather rely on Christs' strength and grace than do this by myself! When I would "fix" things by myself I messed everything up and things would get worse or they would get out of control and then I would run to Christ asking him to fix it and because he loved me soo much he did. Now that Im older and have matured I have learned that when I give it over to God I am showing him that I trust him and that his grace is enough for me... I no longer worry about "proving" myself to anyone anymore.. If I cant handle it I have no problem handing it over to God, because his strength is made perfect in my weakness... 
Just give it to God, even if you feel like you have it all under control. He's waiting on you to give it over it him... His grace is sufficient, its just enough for you...
Photography By: Trice C


My #1 Buddy πŸ’›


There are so many things I could say about you. You have taught me so many lessons about life & how important it is to know WHO I am & WHOSE I am. Every since I can remember you have always been my number one buddy. We did everything together! From riding to church on Sundays to going to get donuts before the football games. I could always depend on you to not only offer me words of wisdom, but unconditional love. 
You never truly know how much of an impact your parents made until you are on your own out in the real world. And I am truly thankful for the life lessons, the long talks & the prayers you prayed over me. I am where I am today because of your prayers.
Thank you for being a man of your word & a man after Gods own heart. I could always depend on you, no matter where I am you are just a phone call away. Your ability to push me, inspires me to reach for the stars. You are constantly speaking life & encouraging me to grow. 

I love you Dad!

-Always & Forever πŸ’›


Messy Milestones

I remember that day so clearly I looked around and saw all of my peers some were crying, others had huge smiles on their faces and here I was just torn. “Presenting The Class of 2008!!” and just like that high school was over, there was no going back this was it.
When you are freely able to share your story without any fear or regrets shows that you are growing! I am truly thankful for the opportunity to share my Messy Milestones Story with all of you! Click the link below and read my story!
What I considered a messy milestone turned out to be one ofthe greatest miracles in my life. 

Thank you to my fellow blogger Ashley for this opportunity!

Messy Milestones Link:

It Is Well

There is something about trusting in God. I mean fully trusting in him and knowing that no matter how this situation turns out I trust in you. I must admit there have been a few times when trusting in God was so hard but it was in those moments that I had to remember that he is my creator.
No matter how much I tried to control the situation or try to stop it, I was quickly reminded that in the end HIS perfect will overruled every scenario I could come up with.

So what does it actually mean when you say, "It Is Well"
To me it means that not only do I surrender to your perfect will for my life but that I believe your way is better than anything I could've imagined, hoped or dreamed. There are so many situations in life when things don't go as planned and while at the time I usually find myself complaining or upset I must remember that God has a plan for my life.
So maybe you didn't get that job you wanted but trust that he has something so amazing planned for your life.

Struggling with being single? Just think if you would've walked down that aisle to that man/woman how different your life would've been now. Would you have gotten to this point you are at right now? Would you have grown in Christ? Would your significant other be the one encouraging you to go after your dreams? Would you be dreaming of new ideas and coming up with amazing plans for your life?

Many times in the moment its hard to answer those questions but we have to face reality, we have to trust that in DUE season everything that is meant for us will come to pass. We can't rush God and often times things don't move at the pace we want them to but we must remember that God does not operate in OUR time. Christ has everything you need lined up for you!

Just take a moment and just imagine all the wonderful things he has planned for you, and because of your obedience and patience he will reward you. I know for me personally having complete trust and faith in Christ can be hard when you want things to happen overnight. Oftentimes I wasn't mature enough to handle what I was asking for, I wasn't ready spiritually or emotionally and it took time for me to realize that. 
When I think of all the job interviews I went on and didn't get, the times plans fell through with friends and relationships ended without valid reasons. In every circumstance he was using those moments to prepare me for now. Although every lesson I learned then I may not be able to apply it to this season that I am in right now but I can apply it to something down the road.
Every bit of rejection, pain or heartache prepared you for this moment. God strategically lined everything up for you.
So no matter what comes your way know that, "It Is Well."

One Year... πŸ’› (Thank you Elevation)

Who knew that one invite could change my life?  I am so grateful for my friends they were persistent and determined to get me to visit their church. I had heard about Elevation years prior but never really had the desire to check them out.
May 24th I walked into Elevation Gaston and the first thing I saw were all these people smiling and they seemed excited about being there. There were lots of hugs and that took me by surprise I wasn't use to this type of greeting but I felt something shift on the inside. The atmosphere was set and my heart was ready to receive, I was desperate for a new encounter from God.
A year ago today I was packing up my life & a part of me was scared of the new season. I mean here I was walking into the very thing I asked God for & everything inside of me wanted to turn around and run away. 
I was confused,excited,lonely,happy & sad all at the same time. I was trying to push down my emotions & be strong but that Sunday I was reminded that it was okay. God reminded me that not only was I special but that this moment was worth celebrating. I stepped out on faith & truly trusted in God. 
From that day til now I have seen a change in my life. My relationship has grown so much & instead of crumbling under the pressure I stand strong. 
I am thankful for my church & the wonderful example of our saviors unconditional love for us.  

We serve together, we grow together & we love each other. 
Every promise was fulfilled that day!! 



Everybody Needs Somebody!

As we grow we go through stages & things start to change. From friends, to our outlook on life everything changes. Being an adult only brings about more changes and more transitions but one thing should remain constant. 
Your support system should always remain intact. 
No matter where you are in life you need somebody to hold your hand, to pray for you & to offer advice. Your support system is your lifeline in the darkest moments of your life. 

I am grateful for every person that has helped me mature into the woman I am today. Honestly without my support system I wouldn't be where I am today. Fear would've crippled me & life would've knocked me down but when you are surrounded by positive and loving people life has a way of becoming a learning process. 
As an adult you learn the importance of having a few good friends. You no longer have to second guess who to call in a crisis because you know no matter what time of the night or where you are someone will always pick up. 
One lesson I learned growing up is that your support system is not there to pacify your wrong but to push you towards greatness

During my teenage years I thought I had it all figured out, that was until my world came crashing down at my feet. It got to the point where I could only depend on my family & my mentors. I was angry & confused, I couldn't understand why everyone had left me to deal with my brokenness. That was until Jesus reminded me of the treasures he had placed in my life. My support system picked me up when I had nothing left to give & for that I will forever grateful.

Everybody Needs Somebody πŸ’›  

Dear Momma,

I am thankful for every sacrifice that you made, when I look in the mirror I see parts of you and I wouldn’t trade these features for anything. I understood at an early age that you were my mother not my best friend, I could always depend on you to love me and you boy did you love me! 

Growing up there wasn’t a night were I didn’t stop and thank God for sending me you. I watched how you loved others so selflessly and you gave of yourself time after time. You showed me how to be a young lady and held my hand while I matured into a young woman.  I will never forget that night you sat in my room with me for hours while I cried because my middle school crush didn’t like me, I felt like something was wrong with me and with just a few words you lifted my spirit. I could always depend on you it didn’t matter the time of day or where I was if I called, you answered.

You sacrificed so much for us and for that I will forever be grateful, the older I got the more I realized how much you gave. I am beginning to understand that in order to put your children first you had to make sacrifices, you still fought for your dreams and you go confidently in the direction that makes you happy. The biggest lesson I have learned from you is the importance of walking in forgiveness and loving those who love you, you embody what unconditional love looks like. You cheered me on when I felt defeated and you encouraged me when I felt like giving up. 

Now as I look back on the twenty six years we have spent together I just want to say thank you. I understand the importance of having a healthy relationship with your mother. Thank you for not trying to be my best friend but for nurturing me and loving me just as I am.  Many times you held pieces of my broken heart and I know there were times when you just wanted to fix everything for me and I thank you for giving me the space and the time to piece myself back together.  I pray that one day my future children get to experience the love that you have given me. Momma, you mean the world to me and I finally get it!

Life is more than pleasing others but ensuring that you are happy. Because of you I carry a sense of security and confidence. I belong in this world not because I owe anyone anything but simply because God saw fit to give me a mother like you.

I pray every promise is fulfilled. 

“Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.”

‭‭Joshua‬ ‭21:45‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Thank you for being my mother first


To every woman that has made an impact on my life, I want to say thank you! To my lovely grandmothers thank you for praying for me! I am standing here because of the prayers you prayed so many years ago. Your love,advice & words of wisdom will never be forgotten. I love you both so much & I pray God blesses you beyond your wildest dreams.



Oh Kentucky!!

First off let me start by saying I have always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby but never made it there. Of course with my amazing job I am given the opportunity to travel around the world and experience things that others sometimes don't have the luxury of doing. I absolutely fell in love with Louisville,Kentucky it is so rich in art and history every corner you turn you see something that grabs your attention.

My crew and I were there in the middle of the week so it was the usual hustle and bustle in downtown but that didn't stop us from checking things off our "things to do list". Our first stop was at Heine Brothers which is a local cafe, I mean sure there was a Starbucks right there but why go to Starbucks when you can go to this cute and amazing coffee shop. Unfortunately I am not a coffee drinker so I ordered a water and a cinnamon strudel, we sat right at the window that faced the busy downtown area. The staff was so nice and very willing to tell us all of the wonderful places to visit, this coffee shop is a must go to spot in Louisville.
After our mini coffee break we were off to visit the 21C Hotel and Museum. From the moment you walk up to the hotel you see these red penguins on the rooftop and once you walk inside you are surrounded by amazing art and positive vibes.I was very intrigued by the red penguins and had no idea what they had to do with the hotel but the art was absolutely amazing. There are two levels to the art gallery my favorite part had to be the area right when you get to the hotel elevator, if you aren't careful it will catch you off guard. You are standing there and you see yourself on the wall and for a split second you are like wait? how did... wait? and before you know it you are standing there for at least five minutes dancing in front of this wall with letters falling all around you and every move you make the letters move with you.  Of course I used this moment as a Snapchat slow motion video (I couldn't pass it up)
Once we finally captured all the photos we were off to the elevator and the moment you step in there you instantly look up and see this amazing piece of art in the ceiling. There was art everywhere you turned and I was truly able to appreciate the amount of time and skill each artist brought to their art. Every piece was different and the lighting was perfect, every piece of art was given the perfect amount of shine, We entered into the Linda Adele Goodine art gallery room and I was taken aback. Every photo was unique and there was a mini explanation of what she was trying to convey in her photo. After gazing at all of the wonderful art I headed to the front desk to get some information on those red penguins on the hotel rooftop. The lady at the front desk was so kind and really took the time to ensure that she educated us on the uniqueness of the penguins. Laura Lee which is the owner of the 21C hotels went to Venice with her husband and they saw these red penguins created by the Cracking Art Group and they fell in love with them. Laura Lee trademarked the penguins so that only  the 21C hotels could use them, the penguins are their statement piece, each hotel has their own color penguins.
Linda's Art Exhibit 
After we left the hotel we ran into the Golden David, til this day I am not sure of the purpose of the Golden David but it is huge! You have to see it for yourself!!

We headed over to the Muhammad Ali Museum and this moment had to be the highlight of my trip. I kept commenting on the style of the building and how the tiles at the top didn't add anything to the building (this was before I discovered the magic of the tiles). We walked inside and although we decided not to tour the museum due to the time we had left we were able to glance around the gift shop and snap a few photos around the museum. I will be returning soon so I can experience the museum.

After leaving the museum we headed down to the river which was beautiful I will be returning to go on the steamboat once the weather warms up! We stayed at the Galt House which was absolutely AMAZING  actually it was spectacular!! Everyone was so friendly and they were very welcoming, of course there are many perks to staying at the Galt House. For one Thelma's is opened 24/7 so if you get hungry in the middle of the night just throw on some clothes and head down to the third floor and order you some amazing food for an affordable price. The bar area was really nice they had fish swimming in the bar, yes fish swimming in the bar, I was memorized to say the least.
The Galt House is filled with shops through out the hotel just about anything you want or need you can get there from their liquor store to their men and women clothing stores there's something for everyone. I highly recommend this hotel for any event or even if you just want to plan a getaway.
No matter what floor you stay on you get an amazing view of the city before you get on the elevator, this was when I discovered the amazing craftsmanship behind the tiles at the Muhammad Ali Museum, in the tiles you can see Muhammad's different fighting stances! Oh don't worry I took photos!
I was able to go back the following week to reconnect with some family members and boy that was fun!!

Thank you Louisville for the amazing food and for the rich history you offer. Until Next Time
All Photos By: Trice Camm

Forever Grateful! Farewell Fear. You Lose

Anytime I am able to share my story I am grateful! God is amazing
Special thanks to whatsoever is lovely for giving me this opportunity! 

Click the Link below

My Prayer Has Changed......

Six years ago around this time I was sitting on the floor in my bedroom writing my prayer for you. I was broken but still wanted to pray for you. It didn't matter how much I was hurting I needed to pray for you. I didn't want my pain to turn into anger I wanted to deal with it and set it free, I wanted to heal and move on. Brokenness is a process and many people deal with their broken pieces in different ways, at the time I just knew I needed to pray. I didn't have all the answers but I trusted God to piece this broken masterpiece back together.
I still want you to live your dream and to experience God in a whole new way.  I just want you to be happy. If that means leaving others behind so you can focus on yourself then so be it. While I was praying for you I began to pray for myself, I prayed that God would give me the strength to close this chapter in my life but to also have the strength to start a fresh new chapter. I had to release all the guilt and shame I felt, I had to forgive myself. I thought I could save you, I thought with a little love and care I could've changed you but God showed me that in the midst of me trying to "fix" you I failed to work on myself. 
Oftentimes I was so consumed by you and how you were feeling that I failed to put myself first. I failed to love myself  and I ultimately stopped caring about the ones closest to me. I lost myself in what I thought was "love" but love doesn't cause you to lose who you are and forget what you stand for. Love breathes life in the darkest parts of your soul, it ignites a fire inside of you. Love reminds you of your dreams and brings about a sense of security. Love is patient, love is kind.

I know God will heal you and I know that this pain is just temporary. Together we will rise above this although we went our separate ways I never once wanted you to feel guilty for my inability to properly love myself. 

These past six years God has brought me to a new place, he has showed me so much about myself and has given me a chance to get it right, These are the moments that I can't wait to share with my future children I want to instill in them the loving and gracious God I encountered during the "dark moment". God has a way of reminding you that your failure and your mistakes not only make you stronger but they can save others form going down the same path as you. And although I can't shield my future children from the heartache if I can help just ONE person avoid losing themselves in a relationship then my job is done. 
It was so much deeper than calling it quits. I had to dig myself out of the darkness. I prayed for you for months I didn't know what else to do but to pray. 

God has changed my prayer now. I have learned to pray for myself and my future spouse with as much intensity and power as I prayed for you. My future spouse is already covered with the blood of Jesus Christ. I pray for his dreams,I ask that God guides him and gives him the strength to make the decisions that honor him. I pray for his heart and that if he needs healing that God heals him. I pray for his family and for any broken pieces that he doesn't know what to do with. I also pray for myself, I pray over my dreams and that HIS will is be done in my life. 

My Prayer For You will always be one of peace and grace. 

But My Prayer has changed....